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Event Report: Drunk supervisor at North Carolina nuke

According to a report today on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Notification Report, a supervisor at the McGuire nuclear power plant in North Carolina tested positive for alcohol in a random Fitness for Duty screening. 19 more words

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Dear Diary

I think I realized that I was gonna be in trouble  at work tomorrow around beer number 5. Hmmmm drinking water seems like climbing fucking Everest right now.



Event Reports: A New Jersey reactor scrams when the unit is offline, and yet another drunken operator

From today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Notification Reports page:

1. The Reactor Protection System for Unit 1 at the New Jersey’s Oyster Creek nuclear power plant activated unexpectedly yesterday evening. 121 more words

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Did You Turn Up A little Too Early Last night? Hungover?

So, looks like you went in a little too early for the Labor Day weekend huh? Now, you’re at the office, slumped over your keyboard, phone on Do Not Disturb and your emails have a auto reply message. 281 more words

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The Story of the Day I Went to Work Drunkerdy, DRUNK, drunk, drunk.

This is the story of the day I decided ‘Oh what a great idea it would be to go to work drunk!’ I was drunk at the time the decision was made, but hey! 525 more words


Event Reports: Failed Fitness for Duty reports in four nuclear power plants

Four nuclear power plants reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the last two weeks that employees had failed Fitness for Duty screens for drugs or alcohol. 71 more words

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