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Cat Goes On Seven-Week Bender In Neighbor's Wine Cellar

BERLIN, Germany (CBS Las Vegas) – This cat must have used up one of her nine lives.

When Claudia von Büren’s cat vanished for seven weeks, she thought Aljosha had run off forever. 253 more words


My Human is Nuts


My human got Blade neutered today.  I am so alarmed. He’s flopping around like a fish, high on anaesthesia.

He’s also lying around and singing.

I am really confused.



the wind drives, rain sweeping. the office warm and accommodating, comfort. the workshop damp and cold. petals dipped in butter. teeth dragging. removing hair to find the heart – but we distrust love. 67 more words


Semi-functional alcohologist

Archaeologically things are at a bit of a low ebb in Erbil. I’ve been back on site for three days since the end of the Eid holiday. 483 more words



It’s moving day. We will park for one night close to Ontario in reach of the airport. Jim’s reaction is expressed in the sign above.  He complains because we haven’t had much time together this year and it is getting shorter. 264 more words

funny cat head in glass picture

funny cat head in glass picturefunny Cat Head Stuck picture
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