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Play #13- The Missing Cellphone

The Missing Cellphone

What you will need: (1) Cellphone

Purpose: Icebreaker/Hard-on generator!

Scenario: Okay, you are chilling at a bar on a lonely Saturday evening.  Scanning the room you realize that there is nobody hot in sight.   924 more words


The 12 Types Of Girls Who Hit On Bartenders


So after receiving some positive feedback from our community members about the original “12 Types Of Guys Who Hit On Bartenders” I decided to continue this series and do a dude version. 31 more words


Austin Piano Man


                It’s a crowded bar. Standing room only on a Thursday night. Typical East 6th. There is something so very special about stepping into the part of the street that must be separated by a police blockade. 418 more words

28 Minutes Later...

So a lot of my readers E-Mailing in have one big universal problem. Transporting your one-night-stand from Point A to Point B. Whether it be a walk (ugh, walking), a taxi journey, a limo or whatever, you all face the same problem. 370 more words

That's a Bear

This drunk ass super slut kept yelling at me that she wanted a “Paddington’s” BTW she had ordered 11 drinks already…..paid cash each round……..and left no tip. 25 more words