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The Voice Of Reason

Contretemps (kon-truh-tahnz; French kawntruh-than): an unexpected and unfortunate occurrence.  Synonyms include kerfuffle, hurly-burly, fracas, hullabaloo, brouhaha, and Donnybrook.  As a former English major, my mind just boggles at the mischief our language gets up to (and yes, I do know I ended the sentence with a preposition).Due to instantaneous dissemination and digestion of information, issues that formerly only a few involved parties knew about now have global dogs in the fight.  539 more words


Melt Down Mornings

My mother used to Facebook drunk at night, which is the contemporary equivalent of the drunk dial. In her footsteps, my sister drunk texts while sitting by herself outside her house on the patio, smoking cigs, polishing off a bottle of wine, listening to music from the 1970s that reminds her of our youth, and in the silence deciding it’s time to cry for help to whoever is currently at the top of her contact list in messenger on her phone. 564 more words

The Honesty Project

Bottled Down

From within the surreal depths of my ephemeral subconscious, wait wait, I don’t need to show off today, it’s stream of consciousness week, no need for cascades of grandiosity. 976 more words

On Picking Up That Drunk Dial

As a teenager I used to read Texts from Last Night a lot because they were full of weed and sex stories that made me amused by the strangeness of humanity. 393 more words

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