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Yesterday I met up with a mate after work for a drink. The catch is, this dude seems to know everyone in Cape Town. There is no way in hell that you will go anywhere with him in this city and not meet someone he knows, unless you both hide in a broom closet. 474 more words

Random Stuff

Drunk dialing... A global epidemic. Join me in the fight to ban this disease.

Hello.  My name is Demon Semen, and I am a drunk texter/dialer/emailer.

I am writing this with a heart full of hope that this will someday lead to a petition to once and for all… Ban drunk texting.  438 more words


At the bar

My neighborhood isn’t fully gentrified yet so I don’t have a local bar. I tried a nearby establishment once and had to wait for the bartender to finish his choreographed karaoke routine before he made my drink so I don’t go there anymore. 349 more words

Drunk Dialing

Being dumped isn’t easy, that word “dumped” leaves such a bad taste in my mouth but it is, what it is and it isn’t the first time I’ve been here. 265 more words

the last guy

…is nowhere to be found.

About an hour ago, got a call from some girl saying that she’s his boss, and she’s looking for him. 152 more words

Drunk Dialing: How To Give Your Ex The Best Christmas Present Ever

by Leslie Picco

Wondering what to get your ex for the holidays? You’re in luck, because I have the answer and it won’t cost you a penny. 682 more words