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10 Most Common Types of Drunk

Ah alcohol, our best friend and our enemy. How many times has our bevy of choice been there to accompany us on both hilarious and plain dreadful nights out? 571 more words


These poems are kind of funny but mostly accurate and that's why they're so funny

Cyber BF

cyber self

cyber sex

cyber life

cyber ex

met him on the inter-web

thought his pics were cute

met him on the inter-web…

326 more words

10 Same Damn People You Always Meet At Hostels

There’s never a reason to generalise. However, it seems quite extraordinary when countries which are oceans apart have the same particular types of people found at hostels/backpackers. 517 more words

Symptoms and Signs You Are A Functional Hot Mess

We all know a hot mess when we see one. She is usually the most lovable friend in your group, even if you spend 75% of your friendship helping keep her alive. 514 more words

Everyday Living

A Grave Matter

As the two tipsy ladies staggered home their night on the town, they realized they had to go, right then, and made a quick detour into the cemetery.  121 more words


Can a Girl Just Get a Compliment?

There is an incredibly large difference between “getting hit on” and “getting a compliment.” When I get hit on, it usually goes “you’re pretty,” “why aren’t you smiling,” “wanna dance?” Well I’m not sure if “wanna dance” is considered getting hit on but it still heads towards that direction. 406 more words


Drunk Girls (Waggles & Bear Twists Remix)

hot damn, been looking for a new party starter? look no further. this gypshop banger from buffoswake combines all the elements of punk, swing, macabre gypsy music and glitch into one serious dancefloor destroyer