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Calling all minions!!!

We are having an official drunken weekend-long reunion party over on the post where we are breaking the record for the most comments ever on a WordPress post…  (41,860 so far)… (and climbing)… 24 more words


The devil you know

When I drink I go from teary-eyed and sentimental to disillusioned and hyper-critical in a matter of sips.

I Like Us Better When I'm Not Wasted

Ok, first of all, what is up with this song? Was it commissioned by Smirnoff or something? I like how it’s about drunk sex, but the video takes place at this faux empowered girl party in the 50s. 805 more words


Ripley's Believe it or Not the David Machell Edition

by Andy Westbury
So we left one of our favourite cities so far, Saigon, for the coastal resort of Mui Ne where people go to surf the sand dunes and kite surf the waves. 1,135 more words

Daves Stories

We Need to Talk About Kevin **now a major motion picture**

Personally, I love date party season.

Whichever morally decrepit Southern Brooks Brothers-Donning Frat King created this event… I both applaud and deplore you.

I love watching hordes of histrionic sorostitutes bemoan the absence of eligible bachelors. 642 more words

It was a warm Thursday afternoon and I found myself walking down the picturesque Kilburn High Road with sunglasses, denim jacket et al. Originally the plan was to get to the… 1,252 more words



I want to get naked,

Dive into the water,

Dive down beyond belief.

I’ll swim to the moon

And if Luna will forgive me

We’ll get drunk on red wine… 136 more words