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A New Perspective

Today I faced the question; in a world where we are so isolated, how to see the world from a different perspective?

How can we do this? 371 more words


saving myself from insanity

I’ve set this blog up to save myself from going completely insane and mentally ill. Thoughts of doing this have been on mind for ages now, however waking up drunk and angry was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 1,064 more words


On a Scale of 1-10...

…how obvious is it that I just watched Les Misérables? 10 being “you’re joking, right?” And 1 being “go to bed, Katy- you’re drunk and fashion-ing again”.
Goodnight, moon.


January 1, 2011

1:32 am

I’m in vegas gettin hella faded….you should be here and gettin
fucked up w mde n my homies. Stop being pissed and start gettin some… 1,462 more words


Reason #66

A mind-blowing and revolutionary scientific research finally proved that birds slur their singing when drunk.

Read the article on huffingtonpost.com : http://huff.to/17tVRw0 8 more words



From a really early age, I learned to mistrust appearances.

Memories of my childhood come in pulses, but every burst is rife with contradictions. School was a place to feel safe, to learn, to grow. 280 more words


Watch policeman perform EXORCISM on 'drunk' suspect before arresting him

Video footage shows a religious cop shouting “Unleash his body, Jesus. Out in the name of Jesus” as stunned people walking by look on. The policeman arrived where a drunk man was abusing people in the street and surprised every one when he carried out an exorcism instead of arresting him. 138 more words