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waynes expert tailoring needs a new sign

haven’t slept in a long time. I mean really slept.

anxiety throbbing all the way down
my joints, nippin at my heels, needed
a night drive. 265 more words


Party Time.

Lanna was with me when I went to my first party and it was her first party as well. Ever since that party every one we have gone to has been together. 77 more words

Thoughts while at the club (Why I don't go to clubs anymore)

This is why a don’t go clubbing anymore. (Thoughts throughout the night)

It seemed as though many people enjoyed my post about thoughts I have during interviews, so I thought I might make a few more first person perspective posts! 566 more words

Day 142 - Killah!

Aimee let’s me drunk and play darts. This is probably not the best idea.


Ten ways to Sunday 

I’m an empty vessel, tattered moments and fragments of happiness fill me. Trying to chase the imbalance of my mind, just to be real. Have the air taken out of me, to human in the most innate sense. 194 more words

Hop, Skip and Go Naked.

1 can of pink lemonade

22 oz. beer, I’ll be using Rolling Rock.

2 litres seven up

5th of vodka, any kind will do.

Add a bag of ice to a big receptacle. 7 more words