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Phillips Phunny: Trying To Put On Skis Drunk

A drunk guy tries to put on a pair of skis.

Someone in France posted a video of a drunk guy trying to put on a pair of skis. 19 more words


A Wee Bit Tipsy...

So. It’s been a week. I have a dozen posts rolling around my head, but I think it’s easiest to do this one first. I think some of the other posts will make more sense with this one under your belt. 558 more words

The One Legged Stripper

Toronto…again. You know, the place where “fuck off” seems to beΒ  more of a term of endearment than it is in any other locality.

Have you ever noticed, that no real good story begins with “we were drinking milk and eating pie when….”? 574 more words


Vodka Came Out My Nose

Occurred: January 2017

This one’s short, but it’s decently funny too, so I figured I’d write about it.

Due to being embroiled in a Master’s degree, it had been a while since I’d felt the sweet embrace ofΒ alcohol upon my lips and liver. 406 more words

The Stories


Seriously, why are crafts made for children so time consuming? Recycled paper beads drunk crafting video is up! Go watch it! And you know the drill – share it, click like, subscribe, leave a comment, all that jazz. #withcaptions as always.

The 13 Stages Of Being A Drunk-Ass Mess, As Told By Season 21 Of The Bachelor

1. The first sips.

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You came out to have a good time, you’re not feeling attacked right now. You’re just enjoying those first, carefree sips of of sweet, sweet booze with your girlfriends and enjoying yourself. 899 more words

Bacardi & Hot Stuff for your Lexus