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Research and Responsibility

No, not a review of one of Jane Austen’s lesser-known offerings, just some thoughts on family history and similar research.

It can all be summed up by the case of my great-great-great uncle Moses. 510 more words


Ima lil tipsy

My intent was to rant about how much my life sucks but then I was Like nah fuckit enjoy the buzz my dude. I have a lotta Bad from when I was a kid and some issues like prolly body dismorphia because my sibs are fucking skinny as skeletons and shot bout I'm built. 207 more words


Who am I right now? [drunk post]

Okay than… this is my first post here. I was plannig to start a blog for a couple of weeks, not shure why. Maybe I just wanted to express what I have to say about stuff even though no one will probably read this. 378 more words

NEW Video! Fading Distance - "Octopus"

Hey kids, what’s up? Do you like your post-hardcore/screamo with a side of electronica? Do you also like hot Russian dudes? Well holy fuck, put down the phone because damn bitch, do I have some shit for you. 146 more words

Robin Goodfellow

Driving and drinking.#heineken#alcoholadvertising


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  • abrahamlorenzSin duda alguna, el más grande invento en la historia de la humanidad es la cerveza. Les aseguro que la rueda también fue un gran invento, pero la rueda no va tan bien con los amigos… #Galgos #heineken


Hungover in New York

As I stepped outside my apartment early on Saturday morning, I was met with the cool crisp winter air and the serene sight of freshly fallen snow. 853 more words


Cold air circulates around the UK as Storm Drunk hits

Category 3 Shitstorm

No Saltcon Amendment

Edit: Note, this article is primarily designed around the meta fighting going on about the ethics of interviewing/publishing stuff when a member is IRL Drunk, not the interview content. 573 more words