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A slightly depressed,very pessimistic, and mildly hopeful veteran who is kinda drunk. Entry Numero Uno. Good Read. Take a Gander. ;)

So here I am. First blog. Kinda cool I guess. Guess I’ll let you all know a little about me: Crappy childhood, smart kid, socially awkward high school kid, got into a lot of colleges, said fuck it join the Army for patriotism and shit, got out, had a hard time, currently pushing through and trying to get through college. 934 more words

Cocktails #78 Pickleback

from the 111 cocktails (you must try) challenge

Read about this challenge and see the list here 

Ingredients: Irish whiskey and pickle juice

Drank on: 103 more words

Bucket List

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The alcohol you people drink is called ethanol. This is a molecule that, in highly technical chemistry terms, looks like a hound dog with its leg cocked. 477 more words


Does God Hate Buffalo?

Unable to escape like a turtle flipped on its shell, a man flails his limbs through the puffy snow. As he passes out, the alcohol in his bloodstream celebrates with inappropriate dance moves that mimic the night’s sins. 447 more words