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Things I'll Never Say (Part 352)

You curious to know if I’m seeing anyone? Oh, don’t worry, I’m lonelier than ever. I’m rich in friends, and ever so grateful for each and every one of them. 121 more words


The big day. 

I don’t know whether you know but ! I have a brother.

Did I tell you this? I’m sure I mentioned it once or twice. And if not … I HAVE A BROTHER EVERYONE !!! 381 more words

Oh, Virginia

“Even the horses, had they been blind, could have heard the hum of London in the distance; and the drivers, dozing, yet saw through half shut eyes the fiery gauze of the eternally burning city.” – Virginia Woolf, … 376 more words



Saturday found me at the Shadrak,
a downstairs club that had it all.
A woman took the floor in glad rags.
I felt I was in for a fall. 331 more words


Why I lose the booze

Before starting this blog post, I have been reading articles and watching videos about how to quit drinking alcohol. I started drinking when I was 16 and up until now, during weekends, it’s a sure thing that there’s going to be a party with lots of booze even though it’s just a typical weekend for me and my friends. 311 more words


She loves the unstoppable ones; the one who never quits. She goes to a club – hunting for someone to match her beat. It is a live DJ night, and all eyes are on her. 294 more words

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