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You Will Still Do Stupid Shit!

I will be the first to admit that when I first sobered up my thought process was now that I am sober I wont do stupid shit. 943 more words

A Witness to Violence

Daily Prompt: Witness

I’ve seen physical violence in movies. It is not pleasant to watch but at least I know nobody really got hurt.

About three years ago, it was different and it is still haunting me from time to time. 432 more words


Memories of Monsters

Annika mocked her frequently. “You’re the only woman I know who doesn’t buy bride magazines.”

Elle shrugged, never offering an explanation for why marriage wasn’t her priority. 73 more words


Day in the life 26: Internet, ebooks and work

I have had a wonderful Friday, thanks for asking. Today, I have battled the internet, because it’s a twat, battled an ebook cos they’re are twats and done some work cos work is fun. 206 more words

Drunk Booking

Thursday night bar hopping turned into a talk about books, and I was all about it.

It was Whisky and Wing night. I was drinking a cocktail, and my friend was munching on wings when we started talking about books that we love but that are difficult to talk about. 128 more words

Day 146 - Relief

One thing I learned almost immediately upon getting sober is that the alcohol was but a mere symptom of my ‘disease’. Simply putting down the drink didn’t solve all my problems. 606 more words