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Tragedy of Wanderer...


Tragedy of Wanderer:

“An irresistible urge to get drunk, and the bottle betrays you leaving behind no more than few droplets as if mocking you, asking you whether you could ever get drunk enough to stop, and you look around for alternative, but what could fill the glass? 206 more words

A prayer for a cheap beer drinker

Falling down drunk
Onto the couch this time
Not the floor like last time … like last times

Face down
Head hung over the side… 213 more words

Mid-week Friday

A quick note to anyone my side of the world right now: strawberries are currently so fucking good, and only $2 a punnet from Woolies. 247 more words


Opa! An unexpected trigger avoided

As soon as I stepped off the elevator at the Marriott Renaissance Center on Saturday, I wanted a drink. I was flooded with subconscious craving — Hotel. 559 more words