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Public eye.

Happy girls are the prettiest

Ello dears

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I Won't Text You When I'm Sober

I am over you. I am done with you. I am not going to chase after you anymore.

But sometimes, you pop into my mind. Sometimes, I realize how much I miss talking to you.  482 more words


Heineken selling alcohol-targeting drivers


Drunk Baking (cake edition)

I inherited a yellow cake mix from my grandma after she died.

A sentence that is very true… kind of funny but ultimately tear worthy. 436 more words

Food And Blogs

art is a guaranty of sanity

so they say…

a world of turmoil and dissolution,

a cycle of disembodied laws and transactions.

i know only to be mindful of my defeat… 120 more words


Getting My Pagan-Folk On With Norvhar

One thing you fine viewers may not know so commonly is that secondary to being a recovering sad goth, I am also a recovering elf/faerie/LARPer type. 359 more words

Robin Goodfellow


He looked out from the balcony of his apartment and drew from another cigarette. There was not much to look at at 2AM, each of the cars in the parking lot had frost on them, the streetlamp flickered between the two trees that looked like brooding gods, everyone else was asleep in the world except for the diligent ones, the insomniacs, and the drunks. 908 more words