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Whoredom and wine and new wine take away the heart. Hosea 4:11 KJV

Controlling addictions are demeaning and destructive. The spirits behind them are mercilous. 251 more words

New Song! Varicella - "Obsessed With Flesh (Fuck Slave)"

Hey kids, do you love old school Ministry and KMFDM, cause hoo boy do I have something for you – a little band called Varicella.  … 177 more words

Robin Goodfellow

Beer Before Liquor

For some reason, today’s throwback post really caught me off guard. I’m unsure if it was because I hadn’t remembered this particular event until I read it, or if it was due to its eerie similarity to the night I tearfully screamed, “It’s over!

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Wake-up call

Blog | The Hill

Seattle summers are hotter than hell in my apartment. Built in the 1950’s, this little abode of mine is not equipped with central air… nor a dishwasher, microwave or laundry in unit for that matter. 258 more words


"We're all gonna die !"

Astro wasn’t big on partying.  Whenever his friends invited him over to get down, he would plop himself in a chair being pretty antisocial with the hopes that someone would strike up conversation with him or just nurse one Yuengling  the entire course of the night and try to get some fresh air when he could, because people at most of the parties he went to also smoked. 490 more words


Can you forgive your most shameful/cringeworthy action in your past? Spirit Warrior you is waiting on the other side of that

I celebrated my 26th birthday on September 15th, 2016 in a salsa bar in Madrid dancing with a drunk and obliging 21 year-old Wisconsin sorority girl whose consciousness hadn’t quite pierced the veil of self-awareness yet, it was still wading in the waters of the being the Mary Magdelene of the college skin-and-flesh contest among zonked out egomaniacal, horny post-teenagers. 2,960 more words