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That glass has made all the difference.

I joined chorus in high school, not because I could sing – for the record, I really couldn’t – but because there were trips involved. Nothing entirely glamorous, mind you, but watching other kids at my posh high school vacationing in Zurich, Sydney, Moscow was a complete travel tease. 231 more words


Change of Plans

So.. I think I realized something tonight.  I like posting (and feel like posting) when I’ve been drinking.  Which doesn’t really surprise me because that’s when I become more vocal and opinionated with how I feel about things.   314 more words

Blog War!!!!!!

Geez, we haven’t had a good blogwar around here for ages.

Of course, we here at DPUD don’t blogwar against other blogs, we are all about the interblogwar. 84 more words


The New Normal


We have a president who has:

Facilitated the killing of Americans (Fast and Furious and other gunrunning schemes),

Ignored things while Americans are killed (Benghazi) 45 more words

Obama's Fault

Yeah, My Old One Gets That Too

We all saw the story last week about the person having a sex-change that went bad and then committed suicide.

But what I didn’t see anywhere was this… 428 more words


Afterparty etiquette

If you are in a round in a bar and you insist on everybody coming back to your place AND THEN (!!!) get touchy about people drinking your booze (at your place, at your afterparty) you fucking need to double-check your afterparty-etiquette.
Not exactly rocket science gurl.

Drunkblogging but..

I will never say I missed out on an afterparty when instead I half-carried my friend who had obviously been spiked (he actually does not do drugs because he’s really afraid of them and his pupils were half the size of Scotland) and let him crash at mine because he is living with his parents and they would have made problems. 20 more words