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Hello, Is There Anybody in There?

A Jaunt into the West Country Part 3


You’d think Britain’s centre for secrets would be, well, secret. But the first thing you see as you drive into Cheltenham on the A40 is “The Doughnut”; the huge, space age structure that houses GCHQ or Government Communications Headquarters, to give it its full title. 1,427 more words


We were clean-cut kids, recent college graduates, two guys and two young women. We’d been brought from around the U.S. to California for Peace Corps training. 402 more words

Ode to a Night’s Gale

       Jack Keats was often inspired by the bottle

My head aches, and a drowsy thickness pains

My senses, as though last night too much I drunk, 39 more words


How to...

How to Buy a Black Suit

1. Go on the internet and learn you should never, ever buy a black suit. But since you sing in a choir and are to wear a tuxedo or a black suit for performance, you have to buy one whether fashion the experts agree or not. 916 more words


Drunk Blogging?

Both of my regular readers know that I have something of a love/hate relationship with the bloggeress Miss Ann Barnhardt.  Miss Barnhardt’s biting commentary on the Church and the economy is often quite insightful, but I object to her use of foul language and her appreciation for Satanically-inspired rock groups such as The Beatles. 565 more words

Birds in the attic....

Listening to the birds in my attic again. My ghost birds, which I’ve mentioned here before. But I suspect they are sparrows, and that they’ve managed to build a nest between the attic flooring and bedroom ceiling. 262 more words


HENRY EARL: World's most arrested man

The world's most arrested man is Henry Earl – he's been sent to jail more than 1,500 times since 1970, mostly for public intoxication.

— Facts In Your Face (@FactsInYourFace) …

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