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Awake and Sober

You know that feeling after a big thanksgiving or other holiday feast? When you want to loosen your belt a notch and sit back and give in to the sleepy feeling that comes over you? 617 more words


Guinness Soliloquy

The only poem about Guinness i know is this sonnet i have written, which if it is the only sonnet about Guinness, means it is the best sonnet about Guinness (he says with bated breath & a head full of self-delusion,& stout, haha). 112 more words


The Maggie Mays Prayer

As you approach the bitters end of a long night,
That impervious need to keep on the good fight,
Pounding beers at Maggie Mays,
You eyes slip into that drunken haze, 53 more words


St Patrick's Day (an observation)

If St Patrick,
The most noble of the red headed mick,
So noble in fact he was actually English,
Obliged the wishes of my Celtic ancestors, 42 more words


Feminist explains how she chose to drink alcohol before recreational sex

Guess where I’m linking today? To a radical feminist web site named Jezebel, to an article written by a radical feminist who writes for the radically leftist Slate. 1,149 more words


A serial abuser gets his just desserts at the Guildhall

Maria Caddick was a tolerant woman who seems (like many victims of domestic abuse in the 1800s) to have put up with a lot before she sought the protection of the law. 343 more words

Drug Abuse and the Christian

This blog has been dormant for a while.  I hope to “wake it up” soon (and I see a backlog of comments that need to go through moderation).   1,534 more words

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