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The Third Stage of Drunkenness (1863)

Things Seen

A Feeling of Drunkenness

I have never been drunk from an alcoholic beverage,

I suppose that gives you some type of leverage.

When I see you, a feeling of drunkenness begins to strike… 107 more words


Foucault & The Would-Be Drunk Drivers

This is a slightly modified version of a short essay I wrote for a class: Marxist and Post Marxist Approaches to Cultural Studies. This blogpost is cross-posted on my… 1,575 more words


A Most Dark Place, Part Three

His breathing was labored and his mouth was dry. It actually hurt to swallow. His chest was burning from all the walking and running. He’d developed foliculitis on his chest and a constant hacking non-productive cough. 661 more words


A Word For The King

Thur., July 9, 2015

Proverbs 31:1-8
The world is divided into men who have wit and no religion and men who have religion and no wit. 262 more words

Tea Versus Cider Drinking

This is some more from Cecil Torr’s Small Talk at Wreyland:

“cider used always to be made from apples, but I fear that it is very often made of other things now. 490 more words

Real Life

All Two Human

(With apologies to Bob Merrill, who wrote the doggie in the window song.–jrs)

Who is that drunkard in the mirror,
the one with the waggley face? 107 more words