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Esther 7:7, Question 1. Why does Achashverosh leave?

ז וְהַמֶּלֶךְ קָם בַּחֲמָתוֹ מִמִּשְׁתֵּה הַיַּיִן אֶל–גִּנַּת הַבִּיתָן וְהָמָן עָמַד לְבַקֵּשׁ עַל–נַפְשׁוֹ מֵאֶסְתֵּר הַמַּלְכָּה כִּי רָאָה כִּי–כָלְתָה אֵלָיו הָרָעָה מֵאֵת הַמֶּלֶךְ

7. And the king rose in his fury from the wine feast to the garden of his house. 180 more words


50 Shades of Week: Jan. 29- Feb. 4, 2017

‘The feeling of intense joy at sacrifice & action, that you can be a part of shoving the fulcrum of history toward its natural conclusion gives way to a realization that it’s a pendulum swinging back, and no matter how much you put your shoulder into it, you’re too small against this bigger thing. 53 more words

50 Shades Of Commentary

A Poem Called "The Five Senses"


There’s nothing.

Pounding vibrations shake my core and shatter my essence

As other soulless bodies sway to the same soundless beats.

I hear nothing. 123 more words

Young Voices

Stupor (Stupid?)

Metamorphosis. A change in form or nature, from an immature form to an adult form. Never mind there are two or more distinct stages in between. 321 more words


An unhappy man is rescued, just in time

George Miles was an unhappy man.

In January 1860 PC 569 from the City police was patrolling London Bridge when he saw Miles ‘leaning forward on the parapet, with his hands clasped, as if in the act of prayer’. 447 more words

Addiction to Alcohol and the Grace of God

Alcoholism is a Choice, Not a Disease

For those who want to be helped with their alcoholism, there must be a large measure of honesty. Honesty begins by not thinking of oneself as a victim, because, as it is alleged, alcoholism is currently viewed as a disease. 2,198 more words

Culture & Society

Rick Stacy On Demand 1.4.17

Florida’s Amendment 2 is still raising questions, Megyn Kelly leaves Fox News for NBC, and a boozy Canadian airline pilot passes out in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand. 80 more words