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TROVE Tuesday - It happened in Tamworth in 1908

My Grandmother Ines Maude Smith would most certainly have disapproved of the crimes that took place in Tamworth during the month of February of 1908.  I can see these sorts of things being discussed around the dinner table amongst the men, and I do hope that my female relatives were included in these community minded and engaging conversations.   110 more words

Ines Maude Smith

Melt Down Mornings

My mother used to Facebook drunk at night, which is the contemporary equivalent of the drunk dial. In her footsteps, my sister drunk texts while sitting by herself outside her house on the patio, smoking cigs, polishing off a bottle of wine, listening to music from the 1970s that reminds her of our youth, and in the silence deciding it’s time to cry for help to whoever is currently at the top of her contact list in messenger on her phone. 564 more words

The Honesty Project

Noah - A Flawed Hero

Noah 7 – A Flawed Hero

Text: Genesis 9:18  18 And the sons of Noah, that went forth of the ark, were Shem, and Ham, and Japheth: and Ham is the father of Canaan. 1,812 more words

Bible Study

Editor's Pick: Is It Okay For Christians To Work In Bars?

Dear Ufuomaee,

Good morning, ma.  Ermmm…please I have a situation here which I will like your advise on.  I’ve been trying to get a job, just to support myself financially while awaiting the clarion call.  

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Be Brave: Saving Lives With Your Problems by Zack Quilici ~ Review

Be Brave by Zack Quilici

Zack had “frat boy” down to a T. He lived, breathed and nearly died in it. When he lived it, he lived it to the fullest maximum. 361 more words

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Moving the penny tickets from the pit to stage level: Drunk Shakespeare today?

(image from ticketfly.com)

I was amazed and laughing my butt off when I read this NPR article. I’d never heard of this, but apparently this is something that’s been going on in some form or another for many years. 309 more words


The Foolishness of Drunken Revelries

“So, they went out into the fields and gathered grapes from their vineyards and tread them and held a festival. They went into the house of their gods and ate and drank and cursed Abimelek.” 347 more words