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Some thoughts on wine, from a favourite author

Joanne Harris, in Five Quarters of the Orange:

“Drunkenness, she told us… is a sin against the fruit, the tree, the wine itself.

The thought stayed with me.

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Rape, Alcohol, and America's Foolishness

Rape is ugly in a way that leaves a woman being a victim even while feeling as if she were somehow made unclean by the ordeal.  493 more words

Letter LXXXIII. On Drunkenness

1. You bid me give you an account of each separate day, and of the whole day too; so you must have a good opinion of me if you think that in these days of mine there is nothing to hide. 2,766 more words

Letters From A Stoic

The Thursday Quote

“But at 4.30 the beer-swilling competition starts at every pub. And there’s a contest to see who can down the most in the time. Believing in the rights of the individual, I never did believe in prohibition, but the evening guzzle round the pubs is a pretty sickening sight, leads to an awful lot of drunkenness, which wouldn’t exist save for that evening swill in a hurry.”

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The Merry Dwarfs

Director: Walt Disney
Release Date:
 December 1, 1929
Rating: ★★½

Among the earliest 24 Silly Symphonies there’s a remarkable lot of dancing, as the novelty of movement to synchronized sound formed the basis of the series’ initial existence. 188 more words

Walt Disney Films

Daily Prompt: Frivolous

Drunkenness is a frivolous joy

Booming in modern times,

But there’s no life in actions that drain life.

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Daily Quote

She Who Viewed the Glass Half-Empty

She always saw the glass as half-empty,

So she peered inside to see if it was true,

Only to fall in and become overwhelmed

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