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Feminist explains how she chose to drink alcohol before recreational sex

Guess where I’m linking today? To a radical feminist web site named Jezebel, to an article written by a radical feminist who writes for the radically leftist Slate. 1,149 more words


Going to law to reclaim the streets

In July 1834 The Examiner newspaper  reported on the prosecution of two men for assaults on ‘respectable’ women in the capital. They said these attacks had ‘become latterly very prevalent among a parcel of low blackguard fellows’ and the Queen’s Square court witnessed the trials of the two ‘fellows’ the police had been able to catch, but several others had got away. 358 more words

Police Court

What does 'drunk and incapable' actually mean?

In mid June 1877 PC Savage was called to the Two Brewers pub in Clapham, south London, to deal with a drunken woman. Sarah Weller was very drunk and the landlord had described as being ‘riotous’ and had refused to serve her any more alcohol. 327 more words

Police Court

Thank you dad ...

Thank you dad …

It’s nice that the memories get sweeter with time. I am still learning to appreciate life while it’s happening.

Thank you for our beautiful home. 250 more words

Maintaining Our Recovered Life

A Christian Perspective on Wine-Drinking

by Norman Geisler

The Bible says several things about the use of wine.

Is Wine Today Like New Testament Wine?

Many wine-drinking Christians today mistakenly assume that what the New Testament meant by wine is identical to wine used today. 2,035 more words


Drink But Don't Get Drunk?

For the Christian, drunkenness is a sin and not to be pursued in any way. Period. It’s not expected of a man or woman to be under the influence of alcohol and be without self-control. 1,435 more words


I Am A Poem And The Story That Inspired It

*Sorry for the sudden absence from the blog. My feet are finally healed and I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed 😂 and needed a break for a moment. 885 more words