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Rum, Oaths, and Slave Uprisings in the Age of Revolution

By Frederick H. Smith

Alcohol is an important prism through which to view the Atlantic world during Age of Revolution. Scholars have documented the political economic structure of the rum trade, its role in sparking the American Revolution, and the spectacular levels of alcohol consumption by European and American soldiers across revolutionary arenas. 2,099 more words

Haitian Revolution

Two ‘disgraceful’ assaults at Westminster

In early December 1860 the newspaperman at the Westminster Police Court reported two unrelated cases of violence against women. This was a quite common sort of offence for the press to write about as it allowed them to comment on the brutish behavior of working-class males, especially where drink was involved. 414 more words


It sparkled like a sequined dress
Under party lights
A night you don’t confess

But there, above, a brooding cloud
Foreboding sight
And, by the morn’, a looming shroud 89 more words


Drunken Dream Catchers

Medusa’s on the table

Dancing on Scarecrow’s brain,

While Tin Man’s in the corner mending his heart,

As the new girl before the mirror waits in vain. 114 more words


'ASBO youths' in the 1870s

A few years ago the papers in England were filled with stories of anti-social youth causing trouble and making light of any attempt to control them using the law. 510 more words

Of cheap gin and forgiving husbands

One of London’s brand new police constables was on duty in Drury Lane in November 1829 when he came across the collapsed person of an elderly lady. 247 more words

D is for Drunkenness

Drunkenness and alcoholism registered quite high on the Puritan’s Wickedness Scale, but that does not mean that they didn’t imbibe. Rums, beer, ale, and cider, were the favorite beverages. 398 more words

All About Mehitabel Braybrooke