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spirits and the Spirit

This is the back side of happy hour.  And even though I am not against a social drink, there is some wisdom in Solomon’s words for us.  525 more words

Marc Kinna

Problem #73: Why Are These Sayings?

I really need to stop thinking about things. Whenever I think about things, I get distracted by the language and the English language is not something that should be thought about because it makes zero sense. 867 more words

Love Everybody

How many times I’ve heard it and knew there was something wrong. “Love everybody no matter what they’re doing.”

According to sentimental value I would rate that about a 10. 141 more words


Drunk at 24

I sat on the monobloc chair and guzzled a half-full glass of rum coke. I winced upon feeling the iceless drink rushing down my esophagus. It was a different but good kind of torture – a juxtaposition of sweetness and bitterness, of sugar and alcohol, of sleepiness, drunkenness, and bliss. 356 more words


'a terrible tale of drunkenness and cruelty'

In May 1890 Allen McLucas appeared at the North London Police Court charged with threatening to murder his sister-in-law, Sarah Ann. McLucas was described as a 47 year-old traveller living in South Hornsey. 403 more words


Learning The Hard Way

Student wearing goggles that simulate inebriation + teach requesting high five from said student = hilarity.