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Half a century ago a drunken young man announced to a couple of friends that one day he would be a Mennonite and wear a beard. 357 more words



I grew up in a family of Italian heritage and my grandfathers were wine makers. I grew up under the “Everything in moderation is OK philosophy” but ended up crossing that line frequently. 946 more words

German Of The Day: Geld Stinkt Nicht

That means money doesn’t stink.

Unless, maybe, you’re at the Oktoberfest and you’re a drunken tourist. A really, really, really drunken tourist. And then you have to use the toilet and can’t find any toilet paper there so you decide to use the money in your wallet instead (no, not the coins). 101 more words


Weak and Strong

Romans 14 (NLT)

As Paul begins by encouraging tolerance of “weak” believers, he implies that other Roman Christians are strong in their faith. What may surprise some readers is that the strong, himself among them, are presented as being less concerned about rules. 932 more words

Luminary United Methodist Church

A Soon To Be Attack / Invasion And Drunk Family Members

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was outside during the day near some houses and a street in a small neighborhood that had some small fields around it. 535 more words

Dream Journal

Alcohol and Drunkenness

Is drinking alcohol sinful? Should Christians drink alcohol? These questions have been debated and argued for years by Christians and non-Christians alike. Everyone has a different opinion about Christians drinking alcohol. 588 more words


YouTube Star Posts Video Of Getting Drunk For The First Time

Recently, YouTube star Jennx McAllister, who has a username of “jennxpenn,” posted a video on her channel of herself getting drunk for the first time, while being asked trivia questions. 118 more words