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Once upon a time, when the American Film Institute was honoring Jack Nicholson’s lifetime of cavorting, Dustin Hoffman took the lectern and advised Jack to “be drunken.” He was quoting a French poet, Apollinaire I think but am not sure. 102 more words

Dead Drunk or just Deviant? Homicide and Alcohol in Wales, 1730-1914

By Cassie Watson; posted 27 September 2016.

Prologue: Murder in Wales, Summer 1766

On 21 July 1766 William Thomas, the Calvinistic schoolmaster of Michaelston-super-Ely near Cardiff, noted in his diary that a man named Philip Evan had killed his wife that morning, apparently in a drunken rage. 2,471 more words



Pull the tops like cow udders
Frothy essences that fuel our lives
That can develop monsters inside
those with fragile minds.

This drunkenness reminds
How simple thinking can be; 107 more words


The worst slum in London | Actonbooks

In Victorian London, most of the poor lived in what would be called slum housing. During the 18th century, many ramshackle ‘courts’ had been built as a result of speculative infilling beh… 7 more words

United Kingdom

Two strikes and you're out: a ticket-of-leave man at Bow Street

From the landing of the First Fleet in 1787 to the arrival of the Hougoumont in January 1868 around 164,000 British men and women were transported to Australia for crimes committed in the British Isles. 628 more words

Professor Fired For Not Swearing

DYSTOPIA–Asst. Prof. of English Chas T. Tayhee has been dismissed for “a combination of inappropriate actions,” but primarily  for “not fucking swearing in his damn classes,” Dystopia College Provost Eddina Field confirmed today.” 546 more words

Onomatopoeic Post Tight as an Owl Peevishness...


Stump, stump, mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble, mumble, mumble, grunt, grunt, bump, bump, thump, thump – grr, grrr, grrrr!

Stamp, cramp, bang, clang, crash, bash, mash, slash… 61 more words

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