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Alcohol and the Church

I have contemplated writing about this for a while but honestly didn’t feel like it. I decided to do it because, what the heck, why not? 1,077 more words


Beer, cards and a party, or not?

On occasion I’ve heard someone exclaim that they don’t believe in God and would rather spend their eternal time in hell because “there they’ll be drinking and playing cards and having a great big ol’ party.” I guess they didn’t bother to check the references of the one passing along this false information, for if they had they would have found that it’s given by someone whose name is “Liar” and “Deceiver.” What they fail to realize is the horrible consequence of their ignorance (denying the existence of heaven but believing in hell, as if only one destination exists and the other can be denied) will lead them not to eternal bliss but instead to eternal punishment. 778 more words

Stop! Hammered Time

Sometimes, I feel like Christians should get drunk more. Remember those verses in the Bible where God told people to get wasted? They slip up on you, but they’re in there. 247 more words

Oktoberfest Suit

A Comment Regarding the Oktoberfest Suit

By Ken K. Gourdin

Back in March, a family allegedly assaulted by a group of purportedly-intoxicated, unruly patrons at the Oktoberfest celebration at Utah’s Snowbird ski resort filed suit. 422 more words

Is drinking a sin?

We  could give a short answer to this question now, but let’s give it later after we have understood a little about this question according to the scriptures. 1,204 more words

The Believers' Questions

The worst slum in London

In Victorian London most of the poor lived in what would be called slum housing. During the 18th century many ramshackle ‘courts’ had been built as a result of speculative infilling behind street frontages.  1,545 more words