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Drupal commerce currency format

You can do currency formatting in drupal using following code :

commerce_currency_format($resultArray[‘balance’], commerce_default_currency());


Drupal: Basic information for you

Drupal, one of the most pupular CMS, is suitable for high trafficking website.


Pesky cache table

Sometimes that cache table just doesn’t clear. And when it doesn’t, look out. It’ll grow and grow until your website crashes into a glorious, user denied hellscape. 375 more words

Drupal Taxonomy - basics

Taxonomy is one of the best features that make Drupal superior than many other CMSs. This is article, we will introduce basic concepts of taxonomy in Drupal. 444 more words


Significant Design Guidelines For Your Drupal Website

While designing a PSD for a Drupal website, make sure that you consider significant guidelines such as accessibility, page performance, latest design trends, and mobile-centric design. 16 more words

Convert Psd To Drupal

Drupal Interview Question and Answers

1) What Is Drupal?
Drupal (pronounced Dru-Pull) is an open source content management system offering a toolset that rivals those of most commercial alternatives. With integrated social media and e-commerce functionality, it provides unique value as part of your social media strategy. 7,014 more words

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