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Mdeal - Responsive Business Drupal Theme

/ By freethemelock – January 18, 2018 / Views: 14

Mdeal is a modern and professional business Drupal theme with fuly responsive design. A great candidate for any type of website, for personal or business use, Mdeal is easy to use and highly customizable. 9 more words


Synery - Responsive Magazine News Drupal Theme

/ By freethemelock – January 18, 2018 / Views: 23

Gavias Synery is a modern news and magazine Drupal theme with clear and elegant design. It is perfect for both traditional multi-category magazine or modern thematic news portal. 9 more words


Hide Custom block if there is no block content Drupal 8

I had a situation when my custom block doesn’t have content and I don’t want to display the block at all, but rest of the block markup will be there in the DOM.  134 more words


Create a modal popup Drupal 8

This is the simplest way to create a popup in drupal 8. You don’t need any other contributed module to achieve this.

Actually, you just need to create URL similar to this one. 77 more words


Create a link form api Drupal 8

use Drupal\Core\Url;
$nid = 23 // node id you want to open
$url = Url::fromRoute('entity.node.edit_form', ['node' => 23],['query' => ['key' => 'value']]); //get the route name from module.routing.yml file…
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Introduction To Bootstrap Paragraph Drupal 8


Paragraphs are one of the modules that make site builder and end users more powerful. Paragraph module does this by replacing one big WYSIWYG with predefined paragraph types. 495 more words

Drupal Web Design Services

Drush CC all

Ketika Kita mebersihkan cache drupal, menggunakan terminal dan mendapatkan hasil seperti berikut:

No Drupal site found, only ‘drush’ cache was cleared.

sebetulnya ini sudah jalan, tapi karena setting Drush, akan mencari folder default.

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