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Manage Your Content without any Hassle with CMS

Today in this arena of cut throat competition, it’s a challenging task for every business to keep all the information of their website updated, as outdated content on the website will not only cost business but will also affect its reputation. 44 more words

Create Drupal 8 Custom Page Template

Simply place the following code in the .theme (theme_name.theme) file that is located inside your theme folder. Replace theme_name with the actual name of your Drupal theme. 65 more words


CMS Website Design and Development Services Company


As the name goes, Content Management System (CMS) is a method by which one can conveniently manage the content of a website. 64 more words

Everything You Need To Know About Drupal Mail System

This blog is all about Drupal Mail system. Email sending in Drupal is entirely straightforward. Essentially you just need to manage two stages to send an email to somebody: 539 more words

How to subtheme Bootstrap using SASS starterkit and compass.

The boostrap theme we download from drupal.org (https://www.drupal.org/project/bootstrap) has starterkit folder to help us subtheme it. There are three folders which are SASS, LESS and CDN. 183 more words


6 Important things which Drupal 8 Developers Need to Familiarize Themselves With

You are a Drupal 7 developer willing to make a transition to Drupal 8 for the purpose of developing sites, plugins and modules. While you might be conversant with several drupalisms, you might not be adept with modern PHP frameworks, practices and principles. 323 more words