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Drupal Update Hook Dependencies

Sometimes, when developing an update hook, you might want it to run after or before a different module’s update hook. this is the way to do it: 42 more words


Key success factors for ERP Implementation

Times have changed where companies used to build their own customized IT systems as the scope was too less and now that the technology has advanced so much and there is competition almost everywhere and even in terms of the right… 244 more words


How to add Paypal donate form on your website?

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If you want add a donate form on your website then just copy and paste given below html code into your website pages where you want to publish Paypal donate form and just need to update item title and business email address… 133 more words


Install drupal through command line step by step

Download and extract files

$  wget https://www.drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-x.x.tar.gz
$  tar -zxvf drupal-x.x.tar.gz

Move to root folder

$  mv drupal-x.x /var/www/html

Create the configuration file and grant permissions… 195 more words


Create an .info.yml file in Drupal 8

You create the .info.yml file in the root of your theme folder. The folder should have the same name as the .info.yml file. So if your theme is named “Fluffiness” then the folder is named “fluffiness/” and the .info.yml file is named “ 72 more words


.info files are now .info.yml files in Drupal 8

Drupal 7

configure = admin/config/system/actions

Drupal 8

configure: action.admin

Drupal 7 ( theme_name.info )

name = Bartik
description = A flexible, recolorable theme with many regions and a responsive, mobile-first layout. 221 more words