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Have you ever wanted to make bathtub moonshine? Me neither. But, I have always wanted to jack some cider.

By “jack” I am talking about the process of freeze distillation. 954 more words

Apple Cider

Wyld Wood Organic Medium Dry Sparkling Cider

Several years ago when I first got into cider, this was my favourite one! Compared to all the sweet stuff from Growers and Okanagan, this was so refreshingly weird, dry, and English. 83 more words


Maeloc Sidra Seca "dry"-"Costly, fruity non-dry with tang but no balance" - (8/10)

Maeloc Sidra seca dry review ( 8/10) ” Costly, fruity with tangy sharpness lacking balance or dryness”.

The Good

” Lovely, natural and fruity flavour”. 978 more words


Hard Cider with Coffee (Batch 2) by Stem Ciders

I visited Stem Ciders in August 2016 while visiting my friend Ai-lien with my cider pal, Kirsten. We got a flight of every cider they had on the menu plus a cider slushie. 501 more words


Mighty Dry by Golden State Cider

Welcome to my first review!

My amazing friend, Erin, came through Atlanta and brought me 3 varieties of Golden State Cider from San Francisco. Thank goodness for Snapchat and me messaging back “OMG MAIL ME SOME!” She one-up’d and brought me three 4-packs! 194 more words


Capel road cider ( blend No. 5) - 8.5/10

Capel road cider can (blend No 5) review ( 8.5/10)

The Good

” Cheap as dirt and as mature as a dining experience.”
” Very appealing tang … Probably the best acidity and body I have tasted. 774 more words

Cider Reviews

Number 105: William Tell Bone Dry

In the woods near the house behind the house where I grew up, my brother and I found a bone. It wasn’t small like a rabbit or raccoon, nor was it thin like a deer. 219 more words