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10 Tips You Can Do To Get The Best Service Possible Continued....

6. Prevent prolonged exposure to light.

Many white garments are treated with optical brighteners and will turn yellow or gray when exposed to heat or light. 296 more words

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Thomas Jennings: 1st African American To Receive A U.S. Patent

Black History: Special Delivery!!

Thomas Jennings (1791-1856) was the father of modern day dry cleaning and the first African American in the United States to receive a patent. 194 more words

Black History

Travel Tip: Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags for Wrinkle Free Garments

Now that the kids are back in school, business travel may be picking up again for those of you, who are regularly on the road for work. 268 more words


Dry Cleaning Mysteries 

Dry cleaning establishments have always amazed me. First, the ones I have used are almost always staffed by people of Asian heritage. Why is that? Yes, it is a stereotype that ALL dry cleaners are run by Asians, but it’s been accurate in my experience so far. 398 more words


The Price of Work - Everyday Expenses

Early retirees talk about the pleasure & independence that comes with walking away from the workplace and living their lives to the fullest.  At the same time, they also talk about the shift in mindset that comes from no longer actively accumulating their savings, but continuing to actively spend it. 362 more words

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10 Tips You Can Do To Get The Best Service Possible

1. Tell your cleaner everything you know about a stain.

Even if the stain is obvious, tell you dry cleaner anything you know about it, including the staining substance, home stain removal attempts, and how long ago the stain occurred. 404 more words

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