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Wet carpet is a dangerous thing for your health, get it dry as early as possible

Thank you technology, you make the difficult work easy but rustic methods are still in fashion
There are several ways to get the carpet dry if it is wet…
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Saving Money - 7 Tips and Tricks

We all do it. We say we’re going to start saving more money, and we try every trick in the book to stay honest in this endeavor: we take cash out of our wallets, take credit cards out of our wallets, or even leave our wallets at home. 526 more words

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Hello, Fashion here. We’ve done it again.

Moschino is selling an actual plastic bag for £560. Not a typo, actual amount.

Side note – this entire article has been a slightly sobering experience for me because whilst researching the cost of this dress in pound sterling, I was actually pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t more, which speaks volumes about what I’m willing to pay for clothes now. 428 more words

How Do You Make A Weekly Schedule For Your Laundry

Have you ever fallen short of clean clothes because they still had to be cleaned? While some people can get by through the week without having to plan a laundry schedule, others cannot. 103 more words

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In this millennial era, life moves in the fast lane. Most jobs have been segregated and compartmentalized, multi-tasking is the norm of the day and people need to be forever ready to deal with various situations (and god forbid emergencies). 423 more words

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3 Best Tips To Deal With Grease Stains

Grease can give you some serious laundry nightmares. Whether you are cooking or simply enjoying a bite of pizza, a quick spill of this thick oily substance can stain your favorite, new clothes. 68 more words

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100% Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning in Fort Worth

What is eco friendly dry cleaning?

Many dry cleaners are non eco-friendly petroleum and chemical  dry cleaning. Let me tell you what is Dry cleaning? Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes with chemicals   e.g. 203 more words

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