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Lesson in the Inevitable 

Leave a pile of dark-colored outerwear unattended long enough, awaiting its annual trip to the dry-cleaners, and eventually a dark-colored cat will claim it for his throne.

–Darth Vader

How to clean stains out of your nicest outfits

You’re out to eat, wearing your favorite suit with the gray pinstripes and the pattern you took forever to pick out. You feel great, enjoying yourself with friends, relaxing after work, eating delicious food and drinking good wine. 428 more words

Investigating Fashion's infamous faux-pas: White after Labour Day

Oh, tradition; that wonderful list of rules we follow not for any particular reason, but simply because things have always been done that way. The ‘no wearing white before Labour Day’ rule is one of those traditions many of us follow blindly…though we’re not quite sure why. 673 more words


Happy Birthday Canada

It’s finally here! A proud moment for all Canadians, Canada Day marks the joining of the British North American colonies of Nova ScotiaNew Brunswick… 814 more words


Flying Shirt

Problem: I run a dry cleaning business and my laundry plant is on the second floor. The elevator only works when it wants to and the stairs are steep and narrow. 36 more words

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All You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning

Stop overwhelming your mother with your laundry. Give her space to breathe and help make things easier for her. Let me casually introduce you to… 228 more words

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“I’m a Laundry Rebel” Club

I didn’t do my own laundry until I went to college. Even then, armed with 30 pairs of underwear, I would rather spend four hours in a car from Boston to Staten Island to drop off a month’s worth of laundry with my mother. 584 more words