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Clean Show 2015 - Starts from 16th Apr, 15

The Clean Show 2015 is an exhibition that all dry cleaning enthusiasts can attend. The show takes place in Georgia, Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center from April 16-19.   161 more words

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Welcome to Amirlaundry! ;-) Here you will learn all about dry claeners and how we rule our lives i hope that well be usefull for u ^^ So thanks for reading and welcome again

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Paint stain!

How to remove a paint stain? If you spill paint on a carpet, rug or clothing fabric or leather, it must act quickly before the paint stains are embedded and become difficult to remove. 330 more words

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How to remove spinach or carrot stains on tissue? Solutions to clean vegetable patches: beets, tomatoes (even if the tomato is a fruit) or broccoli on your clothes and especially those of the baby. 366 more words

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How to remove a fruit juice stain? An accident happens so quickly! Whether an orange juice or pineapple juice, when we reverse any fruit juice on a garment, sofa or carpet, wood, clean these stains it is not always clear. 581 more words

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Pristine Laundry Services Become One of the Essential Demands for the Day

We all have heard and probably experienced as well that the first impression is the last impression. The same holds true for dress code also; people gain your impression by your appearance at the first sight. 32 more words


A Dry Cleaner's Home Remedies For Red Wine Spills

So you spilled red wine on your favorite blouse, shirt, pants or jacket.

Whatever are you to do now?

Your best shot at removing a red wine stain comes by responding quickly. 816 more words