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Tuesday - August 11 The Dry Creek Bed

The Dry Creek Bed…more practice sketching rocks.

You may have noticed lately, I’ve been drawing nature related drawings. My sister Tylene and I are compiling a book of poems and drawings with the focus of nature. 21 more words


Dipless Weekend

It’s true, I did not dip my brushes this weekend.

Rather, went to the Ladner Village Market  http://ladnervillagemarket.com/

and that was so much fun! omg…who knew?  85 more words

Speaking of Fruit Flies ...

So Mr Google told me that of all the animal kingdom, a fruit fly has the shortest attention span of all, followed closely by the goldfish. 389 more words

My Ramblings

Long overdue rain

It has been many weeks since we have had decent rain here in Metung and yesterday that situation was remedied with a vengeance. We received  103mm of rain during the night and day. 78 more words



I consider having plenty of loose parts available at all times for play one of the most important things at school. There are so many different types, sizes, uses – the list is endless! 221 more words



I’ve always wanted a dry creek bed as a play space – but actually making one seemed like an impossible task! Luckily patient husband sat through my drawings and endless pictures and helped come up with a very basic creek bed design to fit our small space. 465 more words


Getting Started

I’ve always been spoilt for space in my previous school environments – plenty of indoor space and sprawling outdoor areas – endless opportunity to create open ended play areas, set up obstacle courses or make a house…A couple of years ago it became necessary for me to give up my rented school space and relocate to my own front garden – the problem was it was tiny and not at all what I was used to. 715 more words