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Bill Miller’s flies

My Friend Jay Smit recently returned from the States, bearing gifts from his host in Boise, a week or two earlier. 

The ever generous Jay, invited me to put my paws in the cookie jar, and take a look at what I pulled out!……. 8 more words

Fly Tying

Messing with a Classic: The Rough Gordon

Taken from the October 2011 Catskill Fly Tyers Gazette

Messing with a Classic: The Rough Gordon by Niklas Dahlin

“Theodore Gordon’s Gordon Quill, probably better known as the Quill Gordon, is one of my absolute favorites, both to tie and to fish, and both are equally important to me. 218 more words

Guild Newsletter Articles

CJ's Flies- "The Davidson Special"

“The Davidson Special”

Photo, fly and article by “Catskill John” Bonasera

“I have always loved flies with “Special” in their name. It seems they get that title from actually being special. 537 more words


Reverse flies: Upside down and the other way around.

In April this year, a man by the name of Kenneth Einars posted these pictures on Facebook:

Interesting aren’t they!  And beautifully tied too.

These immediately sparked my interest, because I had recently read Peter Hayes’ excellent book “Fly Fishing outside the box”, where, in chapter 3 he makes a rock solid argument for having your adult dun imitation  facing upstream if there happens to be a downstream wind. 717 more words

Fly Tying

Book review: 101 Favorite Dry Flies

101 Favorite Dry Flies: History, Tying Tips, and Fishing Strategies

By David Klausmeyer. Published by Skyhorse Publishing, 2013; $14.95 softbound.

A Book Review by Bud Bynack… 657 more words



One of the disappointments in North America Fly Tying supplies is Coq De Leon feathers for dry flies. These feathers are famous for tails on dry flies for their “stiff spring” and color-markings. 199 more words


The Perfect Parachute Ant

What’s your favorite hatch? Sulphurs? Drakes? Tricos?

Mine’s the ant hatch.

Every year I look forward to the end of Spring hatch season. In Pennsylvania, mayfly activity tapers off in June, and so do the crowds. 818 more words