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foam post

To build on the previous post, I thought I would illustrate a parachute dry fly with a foam post.  The good news is that the post can be low and very visible to the fisher-person, but it is hard to build a good thin body in a continuous taper when dealing with the hidden (buried) tied in end of foam.


sulphur mayfly

I am more likely to swing a large fly for a trout, but there is no doubt a mayfly in spring on the surface is a lot of fun.   405 more words


Tim's Little Black Stone

by Tim Flagler via TightLineVideo

hard to think of a nicer, simpler, great surface footprinted, Wonder-Winged, low-riding adult stonefly pattern.
harder yet to think of anything else i could add to what looks like the end-all stonefly imitation except for… enjoy ! 25 more words

Fly Fishing

Casting and Floating Dry Flies

There are many products available today to aid anglers while fishing dry flies. However, the success of these products is still very dependent on the way that anglers cast and land their fly on the water. 492 more words

Fly Fishing

Bonefishing for Trout

There’s this river I go Bonefishing on. I don’t really catch Bones there, I catch trout. But it’s just like Bonefishing. The angling is all visual. 704 more words

Back in business: climbing up a mountain in search of big brookies

After a nearly three-year hiatus from backcountry fishing, I finally returned to the Sierra Nevada for an overnight backpack to a little lake in the Emigrant Wilderness that was rumored to hold large brookies. 1,755 more words


the unUsual - Sulphur

My current Pocket Water Trout fly is the Usual, and here is a Sulphur Head variant.

In a previous post, I discuss and look at what would be the best hook for this fly and conclude with the… 68 more words