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Magical Mayfly

This past Monday saw me fishing again, would have gone before but my daughter was over on Saturday and stuff needed doing. what was really frustrating was looking down the garden and seeing the Mayflies dancing, I swear that this years hatch is the best for a long time. 417 more words


Dry Fly Hooks - Moving to the TMC103Y

In the previous post, I suggested a using a “shorter” hook than my standard TMC900BL to tie a Usual would be a good thing, so I decided to take a look  at what is available, given the recent (within 10 years) growth of hooks resulting from European Fishing Techniques. 140 more words


Skating Caddis

Ever have an experience on the water where fish were going bonkers on caddis adults and you were unable to catch them? I’m not talking about the occasional riser that won’t eat. 439 more words

Fly Fishing

Home Water

“I once gave up fishing. It was the most terrifying weekend of my life”.


Skwala! Not many around but enough to get some trout looking up. 189 more words

A Change In The weather Wrecks the Fishing

I have managed to get some more fishing in during the past week but not as much as I would like. The reason for this has been family over Easter and a large fly order. 371 more words


the Usual

I was home for three days (back from Europe (Sweden, Crotia, Slovkia), off to Cleveland) and was able to tie the previously posted “crawfish” and a dozen Usuals.   123 more words


Sight fishing Easter Weekend

After a winter of fishing blind with a two handed rod it was a real pleasure to sight fish with a light 4wt rod and dry flies this past weekend. 237 more words