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Fly Tying- a Quick and lovely Olive

for a first tying video, this doozy by Robert Strahl is well, a doozy and one hell of a nice start !  those of us that follow Robert’s work through Facebook are well aware that he’s an exceptional tier, i can’t wait to see further videos. 64 more words

Fly Fishing

A Good Day

Some highlights from a great day of fishing with fellow Flat Broke angler Manning Paul. Enjoy!

Fly Fishing


I learned –

  1.  Just because there are tons of bugs around doesn’t mean that the fish will be coming up for them…


  2.  No matter how cool you think you are around snakes, when you fall directly onto an enormous unseen one while trying to navigate a rocky stream bank you may pee yourself a little due to fear.
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Fly Fishing

Days with dries

By Jeff Lund | For the Capital City Weekly

There’s a moment during the spring when things start to come together. With the realization that the new life season is here comes clarity and focus. 567 more words

Fishing Trips

Simple Trout Flies

Some simple, durable, quick ties (size 18 flies) that often get the attention of trout on rivers nearby and afar. Tied on a hook that dangles: trailing shuck; some weight (wire) on body to hopefully tug it below the surface (saliva on shuck and body helps); exaggerated thorax dubbed; wing of polypro or deer hair, sometimes hackle used to keep top half (head) floating and most importantly visible.  145 more words

Fly Patterns for Colorado Trout

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard guides and other well-seasoned fly fishers say they only use a handful of different fly patterns. I actually know guides that fish the same nymph rig for weeks, and are wildly successful. 2,864 more words

Fly Fishing