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Hackles - Photo Tutorial on What's What

A quick hackle / photo visual tutorial:

I saw this old, or what seemed to me to be old, image on facebook this morning, and right away, thought to myself, ” I get these questions a lot.” Good numbers of people in my classes or folks I speak with at shows and fly tying demos don’t know where on a bird certain feathers come from. 383 more words

Wet Fly Photos

Sweating the Small Stuff Under a Big Sky

“The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs”

-The Be Good Tanyas

When I moved to the West to fish its many trout streams I was anticipating the big fly hatches: Salmon flies; Golden Stones; Green and Brown Drakes; etc. 256 more words

Up Sheep Creek Road

Sheep Creek road; North Picabo road; Kimpton bridge road; Spring Coulee road…and the list goes on and on. What they all have in common is they are dirt roads; back roads. 89 more words

Mountain Trout Fun

The kids had been practicing with fly rods in the backyard, and they were looking pretty good. Their waders still fit, too. So we decided to run up into the Cascades for a day of chasing… 352 more words


Magical Mayfly

This past Monday saw me fishing again, would have gone before but my daughter was over on Saturday and stuff needed doing. what was really frustrating was looking down the garden and seeing the Mayflies dancing, I swear that this years hatch is the best for a long time. 417 more words


Dry Fly Hooks - Moving to the TMC103Y

In the previous post, I suggested a using a “shorter” hook than my standard TMC900BL to tie a Usual would be a good thing, so I decided to take a look  at what is available, given the recent (within 10 years) growth of hooks resulting from European Fishing Techniques. 140 more words


Skating Caddis

Ever have an experience on the water where fish were going bonkers on caddis adults and you were unable to catch them? I’m not talking about the occasional riser that won’t eat. 439 more words

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