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El Salvador Monte Verde - Natural Process

Located 93 kilometers from the country’s capital city, also named San Salvador, Monte Verde Farm can boast of five generations of experienced coffee farming. This is the first micro lot from the farm to be sold outside El Salvador, enabling us to highlight its unique characteristics. 17 more words

Central America

Ethiopia Hambela Estate Natural

Muluemebet Emiru, the first African female pilot, was awarded land bordering Harrar and Sidamo following World War II. That land became the Hambela Estate, run by the family business she started. 27 more words


Popo Coffee Beans Record - Blooom Coffee & Tea, Macau

Coffee Roaster: Blooom Coffee & Tea

Location: Macau
Date of roast: 2015.06.15
Region of coffee beans: Ethiopia
Type: Yirgacheffe Aramo
Process: Dry Process
Tasting Notes: white peach, red berry , tropical fruit, floral such as jasmine and coffee flower… 59 more words


Brazil Vira Mão

Fazenda Vira Mão is buried in a microregion of Minas Gerais known as “Montanhas do Sul de Minas”, or “Mountains South of the Mines”. The farm is part of a group of local growers that are committed to environmentally sustainable practices  as well as exceptional coffee quality. 16 more words

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Brazil Sitio Caiana

Located near the community of Lavrinha, just north of the center of Poço Fundo, Sitio Caiana is named after a variety of sugar cane that used to grow here. 38 more words

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Ethiopia Harrar Mesela

We’ve been waiting awhile for Harrar of this caliber to become available. The dry-processed coffee from this region is one of the more unique offerings we carry, but due to economic tribulations, farms have been producing particularly poor quality for the past couple of years. 16 more words


Uganda Ibanda Natural

Western Uganda is far from the country’s best known coffee growing region, but recently the government has been encouraging farmers in Ibanda District to grow it as a lucrative export. 26 more words

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