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Scene 11/03 Differing Views

I thought I would post a comparison of how the river looked when dry just a few weeks ago and during the heavy rains this past weekend. 108 more words


Stubborn Blackberries

There’s been a long drought in California the past few years that it seems all people can talk about. We worry about the crops, wildfires, and communities whose wells have run dry. 615 more words

Spiritual Formation

Newness in the midst of dryness

You know those seasons in your life where reading your Bible seems more like a chore rather than exciting, praying seems monotonous whether than an intimate time to talk to our Father and the things of God do not seem as appealing? 711 more words


Getting Through the Dry Season


Sometimes in our Christian lives, there will be dry seasons. It’s that time when God seems really quiet or pretty far away. Have you ever felt that way? 950 more words

Inside Out With Courtnaye

Why Does God Allow Christians to experience "Problems"

Most people believe that because they are a “Christian” and saved that their life is meant to be easy breezy lemon squeezy. A completely care-free, no worries life. 816 more words

When Your Faith is as Dry as the Desert

There are few things I hate more than those times in my life when I am in a dry season in my Christian walk. I think I’d rather have a serious head cold than be in one of them. 474 more words


I Am A Cry-Baby (Not Really. Ok, Maybe I Am)

Confession:  I hate crying. Maybe, more correctly I should say, I hate other people seeing me cry. This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if the waterworks weren’t activated by something as simple as a sappy commercial for… 1,109 more words