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Why Does God Allow Christians to experience "Problems"

Most people believe that because they are a “Christian” and saved that their life is meant to be easy breezy lemon squeezy. A completely care-free, no worries life. 816 more words

When Your Faith is as Dry as the Desert

There are few things I hate more than those times in my life when I am in a dry season in my Christian walk. I think I’d rather have a serious head cold than be in one of them. 474 more words


I Am A Cry-Baby (Not Really. Ok, Maybe I Am)

Confession:  I hate crying. Maybe, more correctly I should say, I hate other people seeing me cry. This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if the waterworks weren’t activated by something as simple as a sappy commercial for… 1,109 more words


Feelings Lie

Let’s be honest with ourselves… Feelings lie. They aren’t reliable. They change in a moment, led by our fickle hearts. Feelings cause us to feel unloved when we think someone looks at us the wrong way or when someone else accidentally forgets to wave back. 839 more words