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Overlooked: Cheap Brush Drying with Hanging Dryer Racks

This contraption is nothing new. Hanging dryer racks like these are commonly used to dry socks, underwear and lingerie. The Benjabelle brush drying tree is expensive as fuck at almost $35 before tax.. 616 more words


Washing, Drying and $aving

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average family washes 400 loads of laundry per year. If you’re average, depending on the detergent you use, this is costing you between $30 – $100 per year, plus the cost of dryer sheets, fabric softener, laundry boosters and stain removers. 389 more words


Dry your hands, mate

Using a warm air dryer after washing your hands, increases bacterial count on average by 250%.

(@UberFacts) February 22, 2015

A study conducted by the University of Westminster in London…

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So while I was out walking the dogs I’m boarding with my three year old, my spouse tried to be helpful and turned the oven on for me. 144 more words


Mother's Day

It is Mother’s Day today and I miss my children, they all live too far away to just drop in for Sunday lunch :( After treating myself with coffee in bed (that sounds a bit pathetic, but it is not – it was a good Nespresso) I felt lazy and read my book. 74 more words

Frying, Drying and Making Tidbits From My Andhran Kitchen by Paradesi Bhaarya

Drying chillis in a mixture of buttermilk and corriander leaf fresh, lots of salt for several days in an earthen jar. Remove when white and put on trys in sun all day until dry.

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