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Growing garlic in your cabin garden

Our cabin came with a well situated, already fenced and amended organic garden, which we have done our best to plant and improve upon each summer.  717 more words


Dessication Situation

It’s all too easy to see growing your own vegetables through rose-coloured glasses. But home grown products easily can turn out underwhelming: awkwardly-shaped, tough and – worst of all – tasteless. 780 more words

Grow Your Own

Good Drying

Autumn’s good drying,
life takes a rest,
an overdue vacation,
the harvest’s abundance,
Autumn’s fruit falling,
celebrates an ending,
death’s silent promise
no end in returning. 25 more words


The "get you started" bit

As I said in the last post, when I bought my wheel I was given a fleece “to get me started”

If I’m going to learn to spin, I’m going to have to learn how to prepare the fleece for spinning. 445 more words

3 Ways to Dry Herbs

“The purpose of drying is to take out enough water from the material so that spoilage organisms are not able to grow and multiply during storage.” (Putting Food By) 1,539 more words

Apple Season

An entire year will often go by without my eating an apple. I am forever spoiled by the apples of my youth. They were irregular in shape and strong in flavor. 716 more words

Joys Of Life

Elderberry Tea Harvesting

Even though it is mighty hot out there for September, you know as well as I that Winter is coming up. That means ‘cold season’. I hate being sick, so my family likes to make an effort in the ‘preventive medicine’ department as much as possible. 97 more words