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Fresh Oregano - What Should I Do With All This Stuff?!?

A few weeks ago I posted about planting my garden, so I could have some fresh veggies and herbs to cook with. One of the things I planted was oregano. 379 more words


Eating From the Garden, Now and Later

Over the last month, the garden has been producing lots of greens, onions, chives, radishes and now an overabundance of strawberries. Now the process of preserving some of the garden goodness will begin. 193 more words

In The Garden

Sunny day, light wind, switch on the washing machine

I might seem a little obsessed by doing the laundry… I guess sitting by the window working I glance out and see the state of the day and think it’s perfect to thrust a load of stuff in the washing machine and an hour later out on the line… if the weather is really kind and doesn’t suddenly spring a shower of rain on my washing line, then a couple of hours later I can find some trash on TV to watch while I iron (Canadian Boarder Control, Motorway Cops, Oi – You’re Nicked, that sort of thing) 661 more words

Bits And Pieces

Drying & Storing

Finally, we are talking about drying the herbs/spices.

There are a few ways to dry herbs and the way that you choose to do so depends on the herb and what part of the plant you are drying. 493 more words


Week 40 -22. Laundry

We have had a lovely spell of warm weather. This day, ‘washing’ day was sunny and windy. Perfect drying weather. I love being out in the garden once again and there is nothing to beat the fresh smell of sheets dried  on the ‘washing’ line. 170 more words