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Roses are Pink, Violets are...

Last Sunday, I attended a wedding, and snatched some of these beautiful pink roses. In my family’s culture (Eastern European), that’s what you do at the end of a wedding. 114 more words

Random Nonsense

A Beginner at Black Walnuts

This is my first blog post. I am going to start with a happy story about being a beginner at  black walnut harvesting.

Last year, right after my college graduation, right after I got married, I spent a long time being unemployed. 754 more words

Harvesting & Drying SAGE

I harvested some sage today, so I took why I thought I’d show it.

I harvested the whole plant, because it was about to go to flower, because it was growing since last year. 21 more words

Wash on Monday

Well when the washing basket is full! #nothingisordinary

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Two Little Men, a Girl & a Washing Machine

That one daily chore – or twice daily – or since I began my Easter holidays THRICE daily! Now, don’t get me wrong I actually like doing the washing but sweet baby Jesus, no one prepares you for what washing comes with a child! 620 more words