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Understanding Humidity and Dew Point

As with so many of the posts here at The Weekly Pellet, I like to try and demystify things. One topic that seems to cause a lot of confusion, unless you are a meteorologist, is humidity and relative humidity and dew points. 925 more words

Dean Trombetta


I am starting the complicated process of getting ready for visitors. There will be two, in a week. My general rule is no more than one person as the tiny apartment is cramped with just me. 385 more words

Results are Unbelievable!

Pictured is the finished product of the receipt (recipe), Too Dry Apricocks.  The apricots were stoned, heated thoroughly in a syrup, drained and dried in the sun.  24 more words

Culinary History

Dry In the Sunn

It did not take long in the hot July sun for the apricots to show signs of drying.  The receipt (recipe) is Too Dry Apricocks… 28 more words

Culinary History

Lay them Out

After the apricots have been thoroughly heated in the sugar syrup for the receipt (recipe), Too Dry Apricocks, and drained, the receipt directs  to… 22 more words

Culinary History

Scalded and Heated Twise

For the receipt (recipe), Too Dry Apricocks, the Apricocks must be scalded and then heated twise and heat them throuly but not boyle them at all.  20 more words

Culinary History