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In preparation for the rain 

They have forecast a day of solid rain for tomorrow and I am very happy with that! Because this is what our ground looks like at the moment. 165 more words

Plant of the Month: August

Every month I will find a plant, be it a fruit, vegetable, herb or flower, one that has taken my eye, to write about. It may not be an obvious choice for this particular month, however, after reading the reason why I chose it, I promise it will become more obvious! 752 more words

Garden Diary


surprisingly rapt
my perspective darkened as
the paint slowly dried


Drying & Curing Cannabis

Alright, all that hard work is starting to come together.

Your gonna get the first look at your buds during the drying phase.

If your plants are in bloom, you might want to check out my… 357 more words


Garlic Time

It’s garlic time!

Last fall I bought a whole pile of garlic from the farmer’s market. I stuck the cloves in the ground in November and hoped for the best. 150 more words

Heat Damage On Indeterminate Tomatoes: Yellowing, Browning, Drying – It’s Not Disease! – TRG 2016

Source: TheRustedGarden
Garden Pilarchik
July 25, 2016

Once the temperatures get into the mid 90’s F for a couple weeks, tomato plants respond. They drop leaves, slow growth, stop flowering, drop blossoms and wait it out. 35 more words