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Homemade Jerky

My husband, Dennis is addicted to Jerky. He will get a big package to take to work, and by the end of his 8 hour shift, he has consumed the whole bag without any guilt to the calories, costs or consumption of who knows what that is in the packaged stuff. 1,334 more words


Mushrooms and Drying

One of our bowls will be a mushroom based broth, healthy and (if you don’t choose to have chaashu pork) vegan.

A month or so ago, when I started looking into mushroom broths, I found that using throwing fresh mushrooms into a pot with some aromatics really, really didn’t taste like much. 148 more words


Drying Clothes in a Dryer


  • Check the labels on the clothes.

Don’t put clothes that say ‘Do not tumble dry’ in a dryer. Don’t put stretchy fabrics (lycra exercise clothes, swimmers) or lingerie in a dryer. 284 more words


Vanishing Rebate Checks, Canceled Appointments: Stories Of Samsung's Turbulent Washer Recall

Last November, Samsung recalled nearly 3 million top-loading washing machines amid complaints about violent vibrations, “explosions”, and one broken jaw. The company offered the choice of an in-home repair, a rebate on a new machine, or a complete refund for recently purchased machines. 1,661 more words

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Preserving Parsley: 4 ways

With all the rain that fell here in Northern California, the herbs that survived the winter have exploded! Last year, I waited a little too long, and my parsley bolted before I could savor a single leaf. 555 more words