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Lip Care 101

February is all about the lips and I’ve got some amazing lip care for you! If you’ve ever worn red lipstick for a full day, then you’ve experienced the dryness that comes with it. 236 more words


Winter's with Himalaya's bundle of joy!

Winters have been considered as the most beautiful season of the year by mostly all of us. Those lazy mornings where you just don’t want to step outside your comforter, the party seasons, fancy clothes, layering up yourself, no fear of looking fat and oh! 366 more words


It’s difficult explaining the hibernating thoughts about the dreary business

Of hurriedness and feelings brushing across in fleeting moments of tryst

With the exalted ideas magnified through a carefully planned plot for a narrative… 42 more words


The Why's Behind the Waiting

Isn’t it interesting how at one point in our life we can be so passionate about the promises of God, and at other points its all we can do to muster up any feeling at all? 1,115 more words

Faith And Life

Dead Dog or Flea

In our search for righteousness in our life we are presented with a choice to help us weigh in on what is driving us. Are you pursuing a dead dog or a flea? 260 more words

The Whirlwind

One day I was sitting alone, working to pull out some kind of sentiment toward God. You know, trying to pray. Not the easiest thing to do when you are like a piece of bread left on the counter for the length of Advent. 431 more words