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dry bones.

i am working my way through ezekiel 37–the story of the valley of the dry bones–for a sermon i have to preach on sunday morning. this is one of my favorite stories. 1,213 more words

5 Common Naturally Curly hair Struggles and Remedies

Ever since I stopped chemically straightening my hair ( which was 3-ish years ago), I’ve been really cognizant of what I put in my hair. I got my hair professionally cut last summer and started wearing my hair out, and at the beginning it was struggle city figuring out what worked. 771 more words

Hair Care

500 miles with God

Dear God,

8.15 am – I miss you. I miss us. This dryness can be so suffocating even if it is interspersed with small moments of grace. 409 more words

I am God

The other day I asked a friend to pray for someone who badly needed it, and he jumped to it as if I’d told him a pan on the stove had caught fire, as Catholics are wont to do. 739 more words



“If your heart is one of availability, then God will steer you and move you. Remember that you will experience seasons; it’s not always going to be job satisfaction or exciting initiatives, it’s often simply faithfulness and obedience.

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5 Familiar Skin Problems - And How to Fix Them

Have you ever worried that your skin will age faster because you’re not spending a fortune on posh skin products and dermatologists? I know I have, but thankfully, many experts now say there’s no need.  653 more words