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$DRYS bouncing...to 14 #shippers $SPY

If you don’t get out here. This may be your only chance. Clear resistance at 12-15.


The Shippers are DEAD $DRYS $SINO $RLOG $SPY $IWM

Don’t be a bag holder. They are all going back towards 0.


$DRYS is finished. Shippers are finished. Thanks for Playing. $SPY #shippers $RLOG $SINO

Everyone who bought above $40 just want to break EVEN!…Probably not going to happen. Too Much overhead resistance.

Thanks for Playing.


Should DryShips Be a Trump Stock or Something Else Entirely?

It is no secret that many stocks and many sectors have risen sharply after the surprising victory of Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States. 721 more words


Shippers are out of Control... $DRYS $EGLE $RLOG $SINO $GBLS $ESEA $TOPS $DCIX

These shippers are out of control. SINO up over 100% in Premarket. Morons are buying these now.

With DRYS halted I am very unsure why this continued but it doesn’t matter what I think. 111 more words


$DRYS Halted... $SPY $QQQ $IWM #shippers

$DRYS just got halted. Stay Tuned. Not good for those who bought that ramp.