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M/s for the Rest of Us

M/s for the Rest of Us, by K.E. “Master Bear” Enzweiler

“Master Bear” teaches how to become a Master on your own.

From the title “M/s for the Rest of Us”, I initially got the impression that this was going to be a relationship guide for Dominants and submissives. 750 more words


Silent Screams

Have you ever wanted to cry but no tears came out, so you just stare blankly into space while feeling your heart break into pieces.

Random Thoughts


In a society that is essentially designed to organize, direct, and gratify mass impulses, what is there to minister to the silent zones of man as an individual? 197 more words

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The Monday Musings Of This Daddy Dominant

Recently I was having a chat about pain, punishments, and how I am unique because I believe in using pain as a punishment only rarely plus how I always say correction, not punish.  486 more words


"Terms of Respect"...

One the things that drives me a bit nuts in the “BDSM community” is the reliance on titles.  Master/Mistress, Sir, Daddy, and the list can go on but why does it seem that people expect a title?  610 more words


My Everything but Why Do I Feel Empty?

It amazes me how he can just look at me and make me smile. Even on the bad days.

I don’t need his money…. Just his time, adoration, commitment and love. 169 more words

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Well...How Did I Get Here?

Sometimes a song can trigger a thought or thoughts in your mind.  Today that happened with me and the Talking Head’s song Once in a Lifetime. 833 more words