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Brian and Belinda: Chapter 5

Mathews Rigging was hiring! The word had gone out. Brian found three groups standing in front of his doors the next morning. His guys and some who knew them, Durant employees plainly distrusted by Mathews, and hopefuls who had heard about jobs. 4,152 more words

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Brian and Belinda: Chapter 4

Belinda spent the afternoon going through Brian’s books. It helped her to not think about what he would be doing. She got a good idea of his principal customers and frequent suppliers. 4,683 more words

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Brian and Belinda: Chapter 3

Brian did not have a restful night. He woke up once in excruciating pain, his dick was trying to get erect. The unyielding curve held it bent while his increasing length pulled the securing ring trying to drag his testicles through an aperture way too small and way too hard. 5,348 more words

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Brian and Belinda: Chapter 2

Belinda had Brian take them to the same mall as the previous weekend. She wanted to shop anonymously if possible and new of nobody who went there. 6,189 more words

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Hold still so Daddy can take a picture

Exhaustion seems to be the goal in all of our intamacy endeavors. But seeing babygirl like this is enough to get me going all over again.

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33: Alex Family Planning

They made it to a waterfall before nightfall. Happily for Alex he did not fall off again. He was useless to help erect the camp though. 5,075 more words

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Are You Happy?

‚ÄčI was asked twice today if I was happy and once if I am sure I am happy.

(By the same person, who is completely irrelevant in my existence.) 28 more words

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