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The Failed Marriages

It’s hard to know where to begin with my own background. I’m in my mid-thirties and I’m a mother of two. I’ve been married twice and technically I’m still married to husband #2 and for many reasons we still reside in the same household. 992 more words



She has discovered him.

She has watched him, studied him, scrutinised him, reviewed him, analysed him.

She has surveyed him, evaluated him, interpreted him, considered him. 98 more words


I Demand

I do demand that “kink” be a major part of My D/dynamic. This is NOT negotiable. Always within reason, but indeed a part.


Random thoughts from reading...

I am infused with pride and an unwavering sense of faith from my Princess, especially when I read the thoughts and emotions that run through her.  1,089 more words


Habits to break...

Amor and I had a conversation recently, on how my grace period, that bit of period as we get accustomed to each other, figure out what rules he wants to put in place for now, that will work for us, the rituals, that leeway where my forgetting to do something or not getting it done, is coming to an end, as a new month comes upon us. 431 more words


Pain, Pleasure and Restraint(s)

It seems such a cliche’ thing that you hear all the time in this community.

Be careful what you wish for.  You may get it.

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I'm so in love...

I’m so in love with my gift package from Amor. What was in this gift package? Wonderful things.

My Amor gave me a binder to put my journal notebook, and things that I need to put in there, that regard my growth in my personal, business, health, and lifestyle; and a pretty notebook as my journal, for me to write anything I’d like into, thoughts, rules, mantras, whatever I like.  1,066 more words