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Where's Golden Sun 4?

This is a shout out to Nintendo and Camelot. Why in the world haven’t you made Golden Sun 4? It has now been 6 years since  511 more words

Conversations With a Catfish #2


Morning buttercup

Good morning

How is daddy’s special girl doing today??
By the way, daddy loves her voice and talking with her last night. 321 more words


Fuck my mind, please!

It is obvious that men and women view sex differently. Generally, men view it as a physical pleasure and most women connect emotions to it (not all the time, but generally speaking, which is why so many books have been written on the differences between genders. 311 more words

When is a goddess not a DS?

A: When she’s a D Spécial. Possibly.

Frankly, I’m a bit confused about what my car actually is and, from some browsing I’ve done online, it seems I’m not alone. 206 more words

It's In His Kiss

Just like the song says. 

Everyone has their own distinct kissing style. I guess I forgot this after kissing only one guy for most of 22 years. 447 more words

DS Review - Tetris DS

Tetris is a classic puzzle game – probably one of the best puzzle game ever made. Originally programmed in Russia, it eventually kickstarted the Game Boy, and has been released on just about every system ever since. 641 more words


Power Exchange, BDSM and Mental Illness: How We Cope.

There are certain things that I think about, quite a bit. Especially in terms of Power exchange, Chief among those is self care and mental well-being of my slave and any other s-type I am currently involved with or protecting. 733 more words