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Programs On String

Remove Duplicate Chars

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); 
foreach (char c in input)
   if (sb.ToString().IndexOf(c) == -1)
return sb.ToString();

Print Duplicate Chars… 108 more words


What's In A Name?

I usually avoid Facebook and its cute euphemistic memes like raising awareness of breast cancer by simply putting the colour of your bra as your status. 88 more words


A critique of D/s

Much has been written about a type of relationships generally referred to as “D/s”, where “D” stands for “Dominance” and “s” for “submission”. This type also includes BDSM relationships, where the dominant part of the relationship or encounter takes pleasure from causing physical and / or other forms of pain (such as emotional) to the submissive part, and the submissive part, in turn, derives pleasure from surrendering to the dominant part and receiving what the dominant part wants to give to them. 3,138 more words


Regaining Focus

After talking and reviewing things on Sunday i feel like i have regained my focus somewhat. Maybe i just needed to have that re-centering conversation. 148 more words


It's NOT a game

To connect with someone this way has intensity. Hard to forget. Trust is essential…from both directions.

Be gentle A/all

And there you have it…


Gemis en verlangen

Het gemis
Knielend op de grond
Even aan zijn voeten

Het verlangen
Om te mogen voelen
Een slavin te zijn

Spanking Misadventures of Stephanie: Episode #8

Pity poor Stephanie 25-years old and still spanked daily. She was intelligent, a college graduate with honors, articulate, a fasionista with a good job and an all around delightful person with never a cross word and always a genuine smile for everyone.

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