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I am not your stereotype.

I identify as a submissive.  It doesn’t mean I’m a doormat.  It doesn’t mean I’m unintelligent.  It doesn’t mean I’m weak.

It means that even through my infinite insecurities, I know myself better than you ever could.  92 more words

Hush, little liar..

Don’t say a word, little one. Not a single breath can break the silence..

It was but a single, solitary stroke that stole the words from my lips.

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The Scrabble Tiles Are Out Again

Long weekends seem to bring out the fun-loving spontaneous side of me.  Or, as Snake likes to put it, the evil and devious side of me.   682 more words


Wiper balls

Wiper balls for drilling and cementing operations in oil and gas fields. Applicable in on shore and off shore facilities and platforms.

The Merit’s wiper balls are designed and generated to wipe drill pipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids, or debris, and can be used to separate fluids. 126 more words


Birthday Present Update.

My birthday night went really well. Daddy and I dropped off the baby with his parents and went to grab my breakfast pizza for dinner, we got back home and made some drinks and sat at the table eating our deliciousness. 680 more words

On Shouting

“Can you hear me?” I wonder what other thoughts go through the brain of my Darling Son as his high pitched yelping breaks my concentration, again… Whatever the weather, whenever the time, there seems little reasoning and a whole lot of lung involved in a good loud shout. 633 more words

Stay At Home Dad Blog


OK, so this is my first post. So let me introduce myself. I am Ellie. I am married and trying to find a Dominant outside of my marriage. 274 more words