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Her Secret

It is her secret.

It always has been

Ever since she can remember. The longing. The desire. The ache.

A deep sexual yearning to lose control. 186 more words


I Bared My Soul

I bared my soul
And body to you
You used it hard
Like you always do

You used it in ways
Unknown before
Left me tired and thirsty… 58 more words


What is wrong with Me?

Waking this morning and a vision runs through My brain…..

you hang by your wrists from the ring bolt in the ceiling. Ball gag in your mouth and steel cuffs bite your wrists. 129 more words


More than words

This has been one of my favorite songs for so long. Heard it today, I still love it.



If you want a real picture of the beginning of D/s, read further.  I will warn you upfront, It gets uncomfortable.   I promised you real.  So, here’s real: 693 more words


A Dominant Mind: A Dominant's Perspective on Dominance and D/s

A special thank you to Reverend Danny Smite for his willingness to add his thoughts to my blog. It’s much appreciated, Rev and a very welcome addition. 1,344 more words



Whispers of words so unclear
Surround me, lull me, I am almost there

Emotions within me came awake
As my body begins to shake

The untold stories boil through my veins…

23 more words