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the circular panic attack

I haven’t had a panic attack for some time now. I wasn’t prone to them when I was younger, but a good number of them followed certain events a few years back. 665 more words

My History

The submissive within

So the appeal of a D/s-M (Dominant/Submissive – Marriage) comes as much of a surprise to me as anyone else if they knew!  But, when I am quiet and still, and think about who I REALLY am, in my core, it’s a submissive- to the right person.   517 more words


A public diary

My husband and I have just BARELY started to incorporate D/s into our “bedroom” life.  After witnessing infidelity tear apart 2 couples who are friends of ours, I knew that I could no longer take our marriage and sex-life for granted.   135 more words


The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 4 Part (10)

Louisa’s lips pouted red around his cock. I noticed his breath labored in pants and huffs until his thighs suddenly went rigid. Mr. Steedstiff’s mouth hung open and his face twisted in a rictus akin to pain. 78 more words


Professor Layton and the Curious Village Stats and Records

Stats Time!

Play Time 16h 16m
82 Puzzles Solved
105 Puzzled Found
Total Score 2447

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The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 4 Part (9)

I dutifully retrieved the shortest and slenderest of the rubber dildos and resumed my kneeling position at Louisa’s head. “Observe the way it should be done, Ruby,” Mrs. 87 more words