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The Impact of Diabetes in America

A Louisiana native, Nicholas (Nick) Rauber, DDS, currently practices at the Aesthetic Dentistry Group. In addition to his career as a dentist, Dr. Nicholas Rauber leads Swollfest, a nonprofit event he founded to raise vital funding for a variety of charitable initiatives, particularly diabetes education and research. 134 more words

Nicholas Rauber

Back. Forth.

I’m pacing tonight, as an animal, caged.

My senses heightened to overload. Every muscle on my frame tense, tight, ready to launch. Ready to pounce. Attack. 189 more words


The Door Had Now Been Opened

“You’re in my head.” She quietly admitted.

The resignation in her shaken voice was not defeat, no it was a weave of true shock at the effect he had over her being, coupled with the unintentional submission to his will. 384 more words


Review: Lock and Key by T. Strange

Title: Lock and Key

Author: T. Strange

Publisher: Torquere Press

Pages/Word Count: 88 Pages

At a Glance: This book has a great premise but it just kind of fell flat for me. 355 more words

M/M Romance


When T/two connect

Happy Independance Day

Yes, the two statements contradict and that wasn’t on purpose.

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