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Starts, Stops and Tears

Ramble alert….. a long and probably boring one. I need to emotionally purge. :)

I’ve been looking for a job for a couple months now, and was starting to feel hopeless…. 1,228 more words


In celebration of the FA Cup final, here are some crazy football games you should try.

It’s undoubtable that football (or soccer, if you like) is one of the biggest sports in the world, and in spite of various recent revelations involving a bunch of old geezers accepting ‘favours’ (in my head this would be crazy stuff like moving the goal further up the pitch when nobody is looking, but in reality it’s probably something along the lines of “here, have these Swiss watches, on me”, and then a few months later we find out the World Cup is being held in Atlantis), many football-loving Brits are likely excited for/have already watched this year’s… 1,678 more words


Happy Haiku Saturday to Me

Surrender to you.
Yours however you see fit.
Your power sated.


The BBQ part 7

The pulsations continued throughout the evening. No matter how prepared for them Amelia tried to be, Chris kept catching her by surprise. She would stare at him, watch his hand intently and yet, he would somehow trigger the toy again. 789 more words


Saturday Spankings- Secured Heart

This weeks tease is from the second book in my Windy City Series, Secured Heart.  Kendrick finally takes Kelly for her first play session at Gallant Domination, a local BDSM club.   235 more words



Labels are great aren’t they? Can’t live without them some may say.

Wash at 40c, do not tumble dry

Cook at 200c for 30-35 mins… 479 more words