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Hey readers,

I absolutely love this photo, for me it speaks of  childhood. I adore the way my DS1 is lost in  concentration and thinking about the new experience of having a temporary tattoo on his arm speaks volumes. 44 more words

FTMOB - 01/02/016

Hey readers,

My DS1 is really making me howl with his observations. Also I can report  me and my hubby have noticed how well my DS1 has come on leaps and bounds with his speech. 331 more words

Journey to Dental School - From a DS1

As Alex burst into my classroom with his hand outstretched clutching an envelope, he screamed, “Mr. Muldoon, I got into college!” Like most of the other 240 students that I have had the privilege to teach, Alex comes from a marginalized community and will be the first of his family to attend college. 661 more words

Dental Student

We fell off the wagon

Sort of. Even with a pretty decently planned schedule, with break times already incorporated in, both DS1 and I suffered from major burnout after block 3. 768 more words


So, I pulled my son out of CCD

Weird, I know. A few years ago, when I was involved in a Catholic Homeschool Mom’s group on Facebook, there were a few ladies who did their own Faith Formation at home, for various reasons. 1,083 more words


Block 2, or where we actually hit some stumbling blocks

I’m not going to go week by week like I did for the last block because I don’t think it is necessary, but I would like to do a general overview of our second month of homeschooling EVER. 663 more words