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DS1 Highlight Reel

Kissing the ground rn as I celebrate the completion of my first year of dental school – DS1 gave me plenty of things to be ecstatic about: for one, I passed Part I of the NBDE, but equally as many breakdowns and nights of mental anguish over anatomy. 1,532 more words


DS1 Study Habits

First of all, I apologize in advance to blog followers (my predentals!) that I’ve been so MIA. I took NBDE Part I on July 1st and since then, have been chugging away at my operative amalgam restorations and ISTR gold crown preps. 923 more words


Why I like Dark Souls II

The following is a document dedicated entirely to explaining why I, LoveGame, hold a positive opinion toward the incredibly polarizing game known as Dark Souls II. 7,483 more words

W01 DS1 Assignment 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall' Analysis

Written and sung by Bob Dylan. Released 1963. An acoustic rock song that’s sung quite casually and in a relaxed manner, a big contrast to the song’s visceral and intense imagery found within the lyrics. 373 more words


W01 Design Studies 1: Communication Theory

DST60103 – Ms. Yip Jinchi – 29/3/2017

First class of design studies. We were given a brief over the module’s outline and given our first assignment. 110 more words


Advantages That a DS3 Line Provides

A Digital Signal 3 line is a dedicated circuit and a high bandwidth that is able to reach a maximum of 45Mbps speed and has 672 telephone lines. 501 more words