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"The Ice is Gonna Break!"

Some photos taken a few winters ago at Olney Pond in Lincoln Woods. After a long and bitterly cold winter, ice formed atop the pond. My friends and I saw children playing on it, near the shore. 38 more words


Short But Sweet

Video games is still happening on my YouTube channel. I’ve been playing more Stardew Valley, but I’ve been trying to find some time to record some Call To Arms after fixing the weird launch bug. 119 more words


How easy it to make a Short Film?

Everyone has some creative talent inside them despite their academics. Some people wait for the right time to show, some wait for right platform and some come out irrespective of time and platform. 367 more words

Life Style

Digital Camera Reviews Are They Really Worth It?

Is it really worth it to read consumer reviews on digital cameras? This may seem like an odd question to ask on the surface. Really, why would there be anything wrong with reading a consumer review? 483 more words

Motion and Light

I just returned from SIGGRAPH, the world’s largest computer graphics conference in Anaheim, CA. In addition to all of the fun new and exciting tech, there was an art gallery and it turned out to be the most entertaining part for me. 104 more words