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Best Times To Call Upon Allah

Continuing from the previous post, Adab of Calling Upon Allah we now move to times and places in which we have been told the chances of acceptance of dua is higher. 1,402 more words


Making Du'a After Fard Salaah

There is no evidence to suggest that the Prophet (saw) ever made du’a after the fard salaah in jamaah. Neither on the Sahaabah.

If one does make du’a by themselves once in a while after the fard salaah this is ok but if they do it repeatedly or believe it to be Sunnah, this could become a bid’ah. 31 more words


Du’aa’ -- which language ?

If the worshiper is unable to make du’aa’ in Arabic, there is no reason why he should not make du’aa’ in his own language, so long as he starts learning Arabic in the meantime. 91 more words


holy quran quote surah baqarah

I seek refuge in ALLAH from being among Al-jahilun (the ignorant or the foolish)


Life is a Mystery, no more!

Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers!

It has been a while since I wrote as I was away for the most part of Ramadhan for more than three weeks ago, to a place very unlike Kuantan… A place where it rained most of the time till it felt like I was in Seattle… the continuous rhythm of rain, minus Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan! 811 more words

Master Minda

Abraham and the idols in midrash and the Qur'an

Dua that saved Ibrahim from the fire

When Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was relaying Allah’s (God’s) message, he warned his people not to take idols made of wood and stones as their false gods. 354 more words