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Get My Lost Love Back By Vashikaran

There are a lot of love problems in everyone’s life these days which can not be solved easily.How to get love back by mantra is one of the most asked question. 487 more words


6 Ways to Prepare for Death | ChristalBlogs

Bismillahir rahmanir rahmeem

Death is a subject that many of us avoid. We don’t want to think about it happening to our loved ones and certainly not ourselves. 771 more words

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Langkah Kedua

Bagian Yang Paling Sulit

Langkah sebelumnya merupakan tindakan yang hampir mustahil karena kita berusaha melewati tembok khayalan kita sendiri, dimana sifat dasar ke-tidak-nyata-an-nya membuat tembok tersebut sulit untuk disikapi. 4,524 more words

01Turn Point

Between Hope and Prayers

After you’ve made a desperate dua and are waiting for it to be “answered”, strive! Don’t just raise your hands to the sky and then stagnate, waiting for a miracle to unfold. 116 more words


An Explanation of Allahs Beautiful Names and Attributes part 14

30) Al Adheem

This Name of Allah Appears in the Qur’an 9 times. For example Allah says:

So exalt the Name of your Lord, the Most great. 2,654 more words


Before you ask your needs..


💭Imagine going to a friend’s house to ask to borrow money. Would you, as soon as the door is opened, say:Assalamu alaykum, can you lend me money please?  247 more words

Revival Of Sunnah