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To Call Upon or Invoke Other than Allah is Shirk

Allah said in the Quran:

“so, call you ( O Muhammad and the believers) upon Allah, making your worship pure for him alone” (40:14)

and he said : 550 more words


Strive in du’aa’ therein

Strive in du’aa’ therein

Regarding the words of the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam),

“As for rukoo’, glorify your Lord there, and as for sujood (prostration) strive in du’aa’ therein, because then it is more likely that you will be answered.” 86 more words

Supplications / Du’aa’s

A dua is my only wish

A dua is my only wish,
A dua, make a prayer for me on the top of your list,
Before you sleep tonight think of me, 109 more words



Bahut dekhi duniya maine Bus kuch khwahishen aur hain khudaya   Ki wird tera ho zubaan meri ho Rasta tera ho kadam mere ho   Kalmah tera ho tasbih meri ho… 34 more words

Dua Part 3 Sa'at al istijabah (a time when du'a is answered) - Jumu'ah Reminder

I’ve not posted in ages as I’m pretty busy doing my dissertation and working. But I managed to find 15 minutes of relaxed time and thought “hey why not post a Friday (Jumu’ah) reminder”. 216 more words

Zikr Majlis ~ Musjid e Noor 16~04~15

Zikr Majlis ~ Musjid e Noor 16~04~15

Recitation of 40 Durood and Salaam Upon Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam

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Presence of mind in Dua

An attentive heart should be present during all forms of worship, especially in du’a and salah.  We are requesting an audience with Allah ( 322 more words