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Make Duā...

O Allaah, help me to remember You, to give You thanks, and to perform Your worship in the best manner.


Ya Rabb, Grant me Ihsaan!

Subhanallah, glory to Allah. When we want something in this dunya, or even in the Akira, what is the first thing we do?

We turn to Allah. 334 more words

Come Back To Allah

Where is your coat❓

🌍Ibn al-Qayyim said, “The morning and evening adhkar (supplication) play the role of a shield🛡; the thicker it is the more its owner will not be affected. 156 more words

Ibn Qayyim

An Explanaton of Allahs Beautiful Names and Attributes part 19

53) Al Mawlaa

This Name of Allah has been mentioned in the Qur’an 13 times. For Example, Allah says:

But if they turn away – then know that Allah is your protector. 6,735 more words


Small steps towards Allaah

Connecting Rayyaan to Allaah ta3ala from a young age has been something that Abu Rayyaan & myself long and stirve for. Creating that deep rooted love and longing to please Allaah ta3ala, being conscious that He is aware of all that we do.We try not to bombard him with deen related things but instead we try and incorporate it in everyday life or make it fun for him to learn and understand. 1,636 more words

Oh Allah purify our hearts. Ameen