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Dua Kaha Qubool Hoti Hai?

:دعا کہاں قبول ہوتی ہے؟

:رُکنِ یَمانی اور رُکنِ اَسْوَد کے بیچ کی جُنُوبی دیوار یہاں ستَّر ہزار فِرِشتے
دُعاپر اٰمین کہنے کے لئے مقرَّر ہیں۔ اِسی لئے سَیِّدی اعلیٰ حضرت مولانا شاہ امام

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Kaam Kar Jaati Hai Jo Teri Dua'e Sehri, Kaam Wo Zor Se Hota Hai Na Zar Karta Hai

One day before traveling for Hajj in 1431 Mamlook e Syedna TUS suddenly got a severe heart attack. As a diabetic patient I didn’t feel any pain in heart and only felt nausea and pain in lower part of the food canal, which I considered a pain of duodenal ulcer, as I was also an ulcer patient.  259 more words


It is mustahabb to say the du’aa’ for entering the bathroom in all cases

There is a du’aa’ for entering the bathroom even if you are not going in to relieve yourself

When entering the bathroom myself and all my family read the dua upon entering and leaving. 751 more words

Supplications / Du’aa’s

Ae Maseeh'e Waqt Teri Phoonk Mein Hai Ye Asar, Garche Rota Aega Koi To Hasta Jaega

Ever since my mother was 13 years old, she’s been getting the sharaf of doing ziyafat decorations for Sayyedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA.

In one of the ziyafats, she had to stick a chord bordering the screen on the backdrop using a glue gun. 202 more words


This was not from the practice of the salafs

Requesting a living person to supplicate to Allaah on your behalf

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (رحمه الله) mentions in his explanation to the book ‘Kashf ash-Shubuhaat’ that although going to a person whose righteousness is known to you, and asking  him to make du’aa for you, is permissible, but it is befitting that you should not make a habit of requesting the righteous person to make du’aa (supplication) for you whenever you see him. 777 more words

Supplications / Du’aa’s