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How to survive the summer?

The temperatures begins to rise , the summer is there, the sun is shining and there you have it … ” How do I survive this summer with my Hijab ?!” It’s one of the first and greatest concerns of a novice or experienced Hijabi . 347 more words


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I agree it all depends on intenstions. Also, in summer thick fabric hijab should be avoided, but the summer hijab cloth should also not be see through and should not be worn in a way that purpose of hijab would die.

Tentara Tegar itu Langsung Lunglai saat Menatap Jenazah Dua Putri Cantiknya

TRAGEDI Hercules C-130 di Jalan Jamin Ginting, Medan, Sumatera Utara (Sumut), Selasa (30/6), menelan banyak korban jiwa. Di antara mereka, ada yang berstatus kakak beradik atau ibu dan anak. 559 more words


Hisb Al Bahr -- Litany of the Sea

‘Firmly root us and support us and sakh-khartal bahra-subjugate to us this Sea as You subjugated the Sea (bahr) to Moses (A.S)’

“Teach it to your children for the Ism al-‘Adhim – Greatest name of God is in it.” 195 more words


Have you ever felt like someone is looking down on you?

i.e God?

Today, I have had an awesome day. The perfect job opened up for me!

It’s really funny because yesterday  my jobcentre adviser gave me a hard time for not applying for enough jobs. 371 more words


Ramadan 2015 Daily Reflections Day 15a

Bismillah Rahman Raheem

Dua of the day

‘How perfect Allaah is and I praise Him by the number of His creation and His pleasure, and by the weight of His throne, and the ink of His words.’ 246 more words


Ramadan Note 9

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“Whosoever fasts experiences two joys. He is joyful when he breaks his fast, and is joyful because of his fasting when he meets his Lord.”

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