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Restoring Manjaro Grub after Ubuntu upgrade

On a multi-boot Linux computer where Ubuntu has already been installed, adding on Manjaro Linux installs its own version of Grub (that I’ll call Arch-Grub) that is different but compatible with that previously installed (that I’ll call Debian-Grub). 578 more words


Linux on a Stick

In a previous post, Mixing Linux and Windows, I discussed why I want to run both Windows and Linux GUI applications. I originally was going to create a full set of instructions here for installing a Linux distro on a USB flash drive. 24 more words


How to add Windows to Grub?

To automatically scan, and add additional operating systems from other hard drives to the GRUB boot loader, run the following command:

sudo update-grub

If you wish to view the operating systems this will find before hand, run the following:

sudo os-prober

Mixing Linux and Windows

I like Linux. I wish I could use Linux all the time. Unfortunately, I have a number of applications that only run on Windows so I can’t switch to Linux full time. 416 more words


Installing Ubuntu on an external SSD drive on a Macbook

This guide will show you, step by step, how to install a full version of bootable Ubuntu on a SSD (solid state drive, or any other external drive), using only your Macbook. 1,746 more words


Dual boot Ubuntu 16.04 with Windows 10 - UEFI mode

I recently purchased a ASUS K510 laptop with i5-8th generation processor, 1TB HDD and 2GB graphic card, which came pre-loaded with windows 10. Over past two years I am using Ubuntu and I find it very convenient. 955 more words

Dual Boot

How to remove GRUB from Ubuntu-Vista dual boot

Preface: when it comes to installing operating systems I am a script kiddie. Every time I find a solution to some problem I am so happy I want everyone to know. 275 more words