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Apocalyptic Dualism or Covenant Theology?

According to Bruce Longenecker and Todd Still in Thinking Through Paul: A Survey of His Life, Letters, and Theology, the apostle Paul places the solution to their dilemma “within a rigorous apocalyptic framework. 745 more words


Developing Emerging Ideas

I thought I’d upload a couple of pages of what I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of months and my first attempts in fleshing it out and trying to articulating it. 30 more words


'Jesus Saves'

‘Jesus Saves’ the sign read, illuminated in the night by neon lights, appropriately framed by an outline of a cross. I saw this sign each time I took the evening #6 bus back home through the South Loop from downtown Chicago to my apartment back in Hyde Park on the South Side. 1,634 more words


Walking but not living

Three months after the new year, three months of solitude manifesting inside my brain. Living like it owned me for a long, long, long time. The feeling of no escape, the feeling of pain hollering over my ears, telling me to end this life or if not, I should go somewhere and be at peace with my past. 516 more words

Story Of My Life

Poem about Bipolarity

All the deep disconnects
All the instant, dramatic shifts
All the painful build-ups
To so few prized gifts

All the shadow days
And the manic nights… 86 more words

So here we are (together)

I’ve been looking for a soul-searching journey that wouldn’t waste my time, for a sacrifice that promises rewards, a space to find the relief of vulnerability and a path to learn humility. 218 more words