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Being is addictive.
The deeper in Being the larger the attraction is 2 Being.

Being is like a vicious circle.
The deeper in(to) Being, the deeper is ignorance giving…
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Things I Said Today: On Yin & Yang

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Hi, Friend:

With all due love, repect, and compassion, your understanding of yin and yang is all wrong. 260 more words


Things I Said Today: Dualism And Homophobia

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It’s weird to Down with Big Brother because he looks at the situation as he suggested: biologically. It is weird that a being has the anatomy necessary for it to reproduce with the complementary anatomy, yet its consciousness and hormonal system are attuned to the same anatomy, however, it isn’t wrong. 260 more words


The Day after Earth Day

The day after Earth Day the world is returning to business-as-usual. Which opens the door to a commentary on the nature of the human species within the order of nature, and the way religion supports or belittles the Earth. 589 more words


Reflect and refract.  Your inner light brightens the universe.


Who Am I

I am right, I am wrong
I am Yin, I am Yang
I am a day, I am a dawn
I am the Spring, I am the Fall… 163 more words


Tit for Tat

Tit for Tat
And this for that
A drip and a drop
For the drab and the sop
With the eye for the tooth
Hit the roof of the truth… 78 more words