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Musing 4 

I used to be able to sit in silence and actually enjoy it. However now I’m always wondering what to do in order to fill in the time. 42 more words


I’m a bit hung up on duality,
That without other, I could never be.
I’m only weak beside another’s might,
Left is only left, because there’s right. 82 more words


Princess Elisabeth's Refutation of Descartes

I also find that the senses show me that the soul moves the body, but they teach me nothing (no more than do the understanding and the imagination) of the way in which it does so.

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Schopenhauer. 2. From Starting Point to One GSOT, or Two?

In a search for GSOT, choosing a starting point is crucial. As we examine the pivotal philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer, we need to ask: What was his starting point? 2,976 more words

Searching For GSOT

Fighting the Inevitable

Many of us thinks that the ‘I’ they use to refer to themselves is separate from their physical self, and perhaps takes the form of a little person who sits inside our head, looking through our eyes the way Captain Kirk looks through the screens of the Enterprise. 329 more words

Alternating light

I went grocery shopping on my way home this evening, and came across these:

Illumination on gingko trees along the big street running by the grocery store… 450 more words


Clinical Reasoning Rises

 Nocebo Land

On a weekly basis, I have to listen to the opening statements of a disheartened new patient recounting the ‘doom & gloom’ that has been portrayed to them following the sage interpretation of their MRIs. 1,181 more words