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Rene Descartes, Cartesian Dualism and “I Think, Therefore I Am”

“Cogito ergo sum” or, “I am thinking, therefore I exist” or, “I think, therefore I am” are some of the most famous phrases in western philosophy, but where did they come from? 722 more words

Philosophical Idea

is neither feminine,
male nor neutral
4 whatever form
or body it takes on, it unifies with it.


What was first ?
Consciousness or body ?

Is it consciousness that orders
& karma that delivers a form &/or a body ?

Is it a body… 45 more words


Why is God not intervening ?
Why is God not doing anything about
the darkness in our world & all of its suffering ?

God just like us possesses a dharma, but a dharma which unalike ours speaks of total acceptance & tolerance. 78 more words


The great game: Human beings, God and Dualism

Aishwariya Ramachandran

What are some of the common factors between religious beliefs, modern literature and thought, mythology and existence itself? Let’s talk fundamentals.

Perhaps the most obvious motif common to most religious and philosophical traditions is the black/white, on/off binary flop. 121 more words


This aside is meant to provide some context for upcoming posts.

In ‘Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness,’ David Chalmers explains exactly those features which make the ‘hard problem of consciousness’ oh so very hard. 302 more words

Homeless Yoga 4.7

The parking lot is full.  What is a BMW doing at Haywood Street Congregational?  We could chastise the wealthy for having wealth.  That doesn’t happen at Haywood Congregational.   896 more words