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Reflections on the Difficulties of Dualism

“What is Primary has no opposite.” Aristotle, Metaphysics

“Dualism has not yet reached the ground of being.” CS Lewis, Evil and God

God’s goodness, according to Christianity, is maximally perfect. 693 more words

Freedom, the Self, and Free Will

After last week’s talk about speculation and metaphysics, this week we’re going to tackle the subject of free will. Free will is a weird problem, with a hundred subtle variations of the initial problem statement and equally many solutions depending on how you define various words. 322 more words


The Yoga of the Divine Glories

The tenth discourse of the Bhagavad Gita sees Krishna telling Arjuna that even those who are considered highly evolved fail to understand fully how he (Krishna) projects himself as all that is manifest. 291 more words


Dingo/Dog Dualisms

*Image by Francesca Domestici.

*A poem about binary thinking and the chains of rigidity that bind us to them, restricting our freedom to encounter beyond the constructed beyond. 764 more words


Holism and its influence on my professional behavior

Taking kinesiology college courses for about four years now and the way my professors have taught that material have slowly molded my philosophic view of the human person? 521 more words

The Clingy-Bitch Paradox.

I fancied myself a victim of duality’s plight for most of my life. Though, cognitive dissonance between my truth and who I, and others perceived me to be reached its apogee sometime in 2016, when incongruities began running rampant.  942 more words

Be There

“You cannot get there; you can only be there.”

~ Richard Rohr, A Spring Within Us

Painting by Edward Hopper (1931)