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The CHOICE is yours

Charcoal on Paper, 2016

Original Image source: Nicole Eve Rourke

On one hand lies Honesty, in the other lies Deceit

On one hand lies Honour, in the other lies Shame… 2,196 more words


Doctors are human ...

A lot is being written about the doctor pharma nexus. There is hardly any thing new that I can add. Actually, there is a lot that can be added but…. 338 more words


The Alarming Separation of Body and Soul

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I had a single, striking moment in which I looked at myself in the mirror and hated what I saw. 763 more words

Inciting Incidents

Stewarding the planet? The Anthropocene and nondualist ontologies

We welcome to the blog Luigi Pellizzoni, of the University of Trieste, for the next in our series on Environmental Political Theory.

The ontological claims embroiled in the notion of the Anthropocene have so far attracted less attention than other issues. 1,596 more words


Great Scott!

Wow. Without further ado, I’m posting after over a year’s hiatus. I was starting a new blog about trying to heal from chronic pain. And then it hit me. 1,003 more words


life’s a half-crazed, wildeyed thriveling

her pupils tremble and dilate

in a dream she seems

to walk along the cornstalks

eating ryebread

she thumbs seeds… 36 more words


Graduation Thesis: Two Kinds of Zombies

DISCLAIMER – This article does not take a conclusive position on animal consciousness. It simply offer a new philosophical instrument to think about it.

About a year ago, I started to write my graduation thesis. 1,552 more words