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Pottery class

I would love to do a pottery class one day. I mean I have done pottery when I was a child but I have never had a chance to use a pottery wheel. 465 more words

No Dualisms! Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds Bookstore

The book display at the Jubilee 2015 conference that I recently spoke at was organized and staffed (as it is every year) by bookseller extraordinaire, Byron Borger of… 428 more words

“The Finger that Points to the Moon”

Date of Writing : 22/02/2015

Many times in my life I have found myself at some kind of social function – perhaps where I’m little known; maybe standing a little awkwardly near the buffet with a paper plate in one hand and a plastic cup in the other; and perhaps exchanging pleasantries on the crispiness of the spring rolls and how this can be used as a barometer for the quality of the catering – when my new acquaintance will ask what on the face of it seems a fairly innocuous question: “so what is it you do, then?” I confess to having used similar phraseology myself on occasion, and I’m not suggesting it to be fundamentally impertinent, but let’s analyse for a moment the thinking behind the enquiry. 1,356 more words

What It’s Like for Me: Shifting from Dualism to Post-Dualism

I am living through a transformation developmentalists and mystics describe as a shift from categorizing dualism to non-dualism. I’m not there yet, but I notice deep changes in my values, perspectives and beliefs. 1,217 more words

Transition To The Second Half

"Principles of Tsawalk: An Indigenous Approach to Global Crisis"



Umeek E. Richard Atleo. 2011. Principles of Tsawalk: An Indigenous Approach to Global Crisis… 1,019 more words


Is It Really Any Better?

“I am not my thoughts.”

When I first came across this statement, I was confused; I even thought that it was ridiculous. I’m not religious, nor do I believe that I have a soul, so for a long time I had the cartesian dualist perspective that “I think, therefore I am.” The only thing that I was certain of was my thoughts. 285 more words

Mental Illness

what is?

everything’s one
that’s real and it’s true
realer than real
you can feel it shine through

nothing is there
it’s obviously so
because I know nothing… 50 more words