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Tool or Torture

What used to be a tool, to define the very next moment to achieve success and favorable outcomes, eventually develops into a self-defeating torture device later in life…at least if you have any empathy and compassion left by then. 19 more words


Argument from Consciousness: Do You Have A Soul?

Substance dualism is the standard view among Christians. They believe that the mind can’t be reduced to the workings of something physical like the brain, and that the mind and body are made of two distinct substances. 2,748 more words


not me

it’s not so much the not or don’t
it’s more the from and to
the everything of nothing
the is no me or you
when i am me
She is She


‘Evaluate the view that the thinking mind is separate from the body.’ (40 marks).

Dualism is the philosophical concept stating that the soul and the body are separate, and therefore after death the soul lives on. Plato (a 4th century ancient Greek philosopher) and René Descartes (a 16th century French Philosopher and mathematician) proposed the concept of an immortal soul (psyche), with Descartes in particular stating the distinction between the body and the thinking mind (soul). 869 more words


Method Instead of Memory

As children, our minds develop methods and paths to achieve things. The mind analyzes objects and the environment to see how it all fits together. 95 more words