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Some people
obviously have troubles with
the word, name, sound
&/or concept of

What’s wrong with the word God
& what’s in a name really ?
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The natural life: reframing the separation from nature debate

An important theme in recent thinking about conservation has related to the question of whether people are becoming more separated from nature in various ways, and if so, what might be the implications. 1,183 more words


My take on the Jewish Question

Here we are, at the most controversial point of debate that has emerged in the last five decades, and was a dangerous and virulent topic for centuries before that. 1,181 more words


Metaphysical Problem #2

Law and morality presuppose the existence of moral agents who have responsibilities and are capable of incurring guilt.  But obviously, certain kinds of things can have responsibilities, and certain others cannot; and if people are in fact beings of the latter kind, then morality and law, as traditionally conceived, does not integrate with our current understanding of it.  1,122 more words



How does the one turn into two?
The many into one?
The background is a perfect blue,
The kind that one can see right through, 6 more words



Fear May Be A Shape-Shifter

Maybe it’s the flip side of excitement.
Excitement without courage.
Having forgotten our souls reach to the ends of the earth.