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It's Neither Good or Bad - It Just Is: The Problem with Duality

How many times have you answered the question, “How was your day?” with a “good” or “not-so-good”? Most of us categorize our days based off occurrences that were favorable and those that aren’t so much. 584 more words

The Peace of Doing Two Things at Once

by Berry Friesen

I cannot imagine life without clear reference points of good and bad. Best I can tell, this comes from the moral training I received as a child. 729 more words


I Daydream in Bulk, and I'll Be the First to Admit That it Scares Me...

I operate under the conscious yet deluding philosophy that life is full of do-overs. Now I’m not just talking about bad habits or instant regrets like, … 1,321 more words

Cartesian Cave

I like to imagine Rene Descartes sometimes, sitting as a shadow among shadows in his little Rembrandt painting, an exile from the kingdom of France. Perhaps smoking a pipe, he glances up at his mistress/wife and says, “Madame, you know it has occurred to me that I think, and therefore I am.” 1,038 more words


The cataphatic disagreement of religions and their spiritual disunity

Recently, Kristor Lawson posted at the Orthosphere an article called “The Essential Disagreement of Religions”. While I’ve been busy with my studies during the last few days, it caught my attention, as… 3,927 more words


Film Styling, Costume Design, Makeup Design, Production Photography: Second Class


This class was all about cognition and schema.

Cognition refers to mental abilities and knowledge.

Schema is basically a ‘shortcut’ that our minds create due to patterns and relationships in interpreting and linking new information to familiar information. 255 more words

No Duality 6

Ignorance brings the gift of discovery