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Giants (aka mighty dual-ism)

October 26, 2016


Do we ever feel like grasshoppers compared to our big government, big banks, big pharma, or any other big problems that we might encounter? 994 more words

Wednesday Readings And Research


“BEYOND DUALISM”, the fourth painting of the series, makes you fly high! When your consciousness is aroused, by combining the darkness and light in yourself, you easily go beyond dualism, allowing yourself to live in simplicity, in serenity and in beauty, perfectly balanced. 22 more words



Another participant on WordPress, Dan Altorre, has wondered and ask why Walking Dead has any audience at all. His blog was posted. I read it, and wrote. 449 more words

Truth, Perfectionism, Shame and Fifty (Thousand) Shades of Grey; on the problem with binary thinking.

Pure truth lies, if anywhere, not in facts but in nuance. Was there ever such a thing as pure memory? I doubt it. Even when we convince ourselves that we are being dispassionate, sticking to the bald facts with no self serving decorations or omissions, pure memory remains as elusive as a bar of wet soap… 4,646 more words

Election year propaganda

I can’t say I had the mental fortitude to watch an entire hour of the three presidential debates. Not. One. Solid. Hour.



Catch 22. 199 more words


The body
being excessive luggage
in Nothingness, it gets dropped when
leaving periodically or eternally

The body
being essential in
Somethingness, the sphere we…
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The Soul
is ever-free because
it’s birth- & death-less & yet human
souls keep wandering in this mãyã-delusion,
prison of dualism, confusion, death & suffering…
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