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Phish & Dualism- A Philosophical Analysis of One Point on the Jam Scene

Phish & Dualism- A Philosophical Analysis of One Point on the Jam Scene
(ranting on the subject of Phish)

Music is played for it’s own sake; never made to arrive, it is enjoyed fully in transit. 727 more words


Dualism: What is "normal" when looking at gender roles?

Grosz begins her book by inviting us to join her in an experiment where we discuss the idea of “inversion”. Inversion is defined as a “deviation of the norm”, this deviation is the subject Grosz asks us to explore in the realm of dualism. 267 more words


Dualistic, transgendered world.

If you believe in God your intelligence will be questioned. If you talk to God, jokes will be made. You will be viewed as a weak, uninformed, commoner. 350 more words

Angus Menuge's ontological argument against naturalism

(Note: this is NOT the ontological argument, which I do not use, and do not recommend. This is the ontological argument from reason, and it’s a good argument which I would use in a debate. 770 more words


Mammal’s most recommended new albums: Melodic & symphonic death metal

Trying to pick out the very best death metal of the year so far was a bitch of a job. Of the many deathy albums we’ve been invited (and sometimes we’ve asked) to review, there are dozens I like. 1,010 more words

Album Reviews

Nothing but controversy
& oppositions within dualism.

Our Self-concept or Self-image,
the totality of our view(s), perception
& attitude(s) towards our personality or
the concept of me myself & I is similar 2 others…
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Herman Bavinck's State of Theology (100-plus Years Ago)

This was Herman Bavinck’s theological assessment of his own time: the turn of the twentieth century. We are seeing this today as any theological argument is shunned from societal and political conversation. 327 more words