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The Purpose Behind Jesus


By: William J Jackson

We know from our earliest days that there is nothing or no one stronger than God.  This is because He created everything ( 751 more words

Spiritual good, material bad??

Often I meet folk on my travels who say: “Prayer, reading your Bible, going to church, telling others about Jesus and a few other things are great things to do. 618 more words


Out of the One, came one
& one separated itself into many one’s
& All under Heaven. All under Heaven, stemming
from non-being, are all given birth
in Being through the One !


Out of the One, came one.
The One gave birth 2 the two
(yin & yang or Adam & Eve).
The two gave birth 2 the three… 23 more words


Out of the One, came one,
out of which & from which many one’s came
& one by one, all one’s will ultimately return 2 the One…
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Paradox of the immaterial

Science, it is said, has nothing to say about the existence, or otherwise, of God. The argument goes something like this: the divine is immaterial (by which we mean something that is spiritual, supernatural and not physical), and science can only answer questions on the material (by which we mean natural entities – the matter, forces or energy beloved of physics). 1,255 more words


Student Study Dualism: Online learning identity

A student is someone who studies – right?

In a study on the identity of people who study bachelor’s degree online, I discovered an interesting dualism. 226 more words

Distance Education