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I Want My Pot Roast NOW!

Great success with your Radio Advertising is like a pot roast.

You’d love it if you could cook a pot roast in 10 to 20 minutes…but you’d be disappointed. 684 more words


You're a Darn Good Business

You bet! You’re a darn good Sioux Falls business… and you take care of your customers! But you might also wish you could tell people about all those great things before they make the decision to buy from someone else. 311 more words


Local Branding: Part 2

Here’s the final piece of my branding video —

Did I clear anything up for you? Did I confuse you more about advertising or branding? I’d like to know. 93 more words


Buying Bad Radio

You might think that “Radio” is “Radio”. And when you buy Radio advertising, you may feel the wise choice is to pick the station or stations with the lowest advertising rates – or find a stellar ad package where you buy 1 and get 1 free. 583 more words


More Marketing in Sioux Falls

How do I explain how to market a small business in Sioux Falls?

Ummm…that’s a tough one. It’s best left for a one-on-one conversation with you. 578 more words


What does it take to make a radio ad campaign work?

I have 3 clients recently that are seeing some phenomenal things happen partially from their ongoing radio campaigns. So, I thought, “What is it EXACTLY that makes it work?” … 1,024 more words


Real Social Media

I found this blog by Matt Haughey. At the end of the post he says this…

“So maybe instead of getting your company on twitter, paying marketers to mention you are on twitter, and paying people to blog about your company, forget all that and just make awesome stuff that gets people excited about your products, hire people that represent the company well, and when your stuff is so awesome that friends share it with other friends, you may not even need ‘social media marketing’ after all.” 96 more words