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Duane Michals

Duane Michals is an American Photographer.


Duane Michals

I fell in love with Duane Michals’ work when I was doing Context and Narrative and researched his work for my assignment 2 at that time. 547 more words


Rene Magritte dormido // Rene Magritte asleep (by Duane Michals, 1965)

“Ir a dormir me fascina. Ver a alguien irse a dormir me hace imaginar sus sueños. Cuando fotografié a Magritte durmiendo, me preguntaba qué sueños fantásticos podría tener este hombre.” – Duane Michals… 32 more words


Duane Michals

An American photographer who makes good use of postmodern narrative by using text in close relation to his photographs.

This Photograph is my proof

In this photograph, Michals has used a postmodern relay narrative and added text underneath.   106 more words


Mi padre podía caminar en el cielo // My father could walk in the sky (by Duane Michals, 1989)

Mi padre podía caminar en el cielo.
Prometió enseñarme cómo hacerlo.
Pero se marchó sin despedirse.
No lloro.
Soy un adulto ahora.


My father could walk in the sky. 22 more words


Yacía en una postura que recordaba a Marat // He lay there in a pose reminiscent of Marat (by Duane Michals, 1974)

“Se quedó allí en una postura que recordaba a Marat. Al principio pensaron que estaba dormido, pero cuando tocaron su frente, se dieron cuenta de que había muerto. 171 more words


3. Photographer Influences for the assignment

Photographer Influences

I’ve been absorbing the ideas, strategies and techniques of artist and photographs as I’ve been working through this Module and it’s been a slow process because sometimes I’ve been thinking how their approaches could be applied to my own work and trying these out as I did… 1,168 more words

Research And Reflection