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Planning for Assignment 2

I identified my topic for Assignment 2 (Photographing the unseen) just shortly after receiving my course materials at the end of April. I had knee replacement surgery looming on the horizon and knowing that I would be mobility challenged for a few months and therefore decided to take “Pain” as my assignment topic as I would be experiencing a lot of it.  273 more words


Duane Michals at 83

Duane Michals, Nora Barnacle, 2011

Some people just never give up. At age 83, the esteemed photographer Duane Michals has recently produced a new portfolio. 81 more words

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Sueño de una noche de verano // Midsummer night's dream (by Duane Michaels, 1980)

“Los fotógrafos tienden a no fotografiar lo que no pueden ver, que es justo la razón por la que uno debe tratar de intentarlo. De lo contrario, continuaremos por siempre solo fotografiando más caras y más habitaciones y más lugares. 114 more words


Why is Photography so good    

Some time ago I wrote a column titled, “What is a good photograph?” At that time I said, “A good photograph is one that makes us have a connection with, or think about, the subject…it could help us understand what the photographer feels about that subject; and can, if successful, evoke some kind of mood, whether good or bad.” 641 more words


Keeping up appearances

“Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be”.  – Duane Michals (with thanks to Belgian photographer  Luc Dewaele from whose blog I copied this quote).


Photo of the day

Duane Michals, Things are Queer, 1973. Read the post for more photos from the series.

From the book: Duane Michals, Things are Queer. (Cologne: Edition Anne & Jürgen Wilde, 1973).


Weekly Quote #3

“It is no accident that you are reading this. I am making black marks on white paper. These marks are my thoughts. And although I do not know who you are reading this now, in some way the lines of our lives have intersected here on this paper. 177 more words

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