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Lo que sentimos // What we feel (by Duane Michals)

“Cuanto mas serio eres, mas tonto debes ser. Yo tengo una gran capacidad para la locura. Es esencial”. – Duane Michals


“The more serious you are, the sillier you have to be. 12 more words



Heisenberg’s Magic Mirror of Uncertainty. Duane Michals. 1998.

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016. 5:53 AM.

Oh, how clever of Michals to take this insane idea and put it into a photograph (or rather, photographs). 19 more words


Week 3 (Minor): Duane Michals - Things Are Queer, 1973

“Things Are Queer” is a narrative which distorts reality within each frame and offers a different perspective in a simple yet well orchestrated series. It is an illusion which tricks the viewer into questioning what is real and what isn’t whilst also questioning photography as a documentation of reality and how easily photographs can be manipulated through framing and scale. 241 more words


Duane Michals

As I am working with the theme of a Narrative within my dream project I have began by drawing back to previous research, from when I created a… 216 more words


Ludmila Tchernina (by Duane Michals, 1964)

“He estado siempre interesado en las cosas espirituales y siempre lo estaré. Tengo curiosidad por todo. Tengo curiosidad por la física, tengo curiosidad sobre quién está hablando, tengo curiosidad por la naturaleza misma de mi existencia – y eso es iluminación.” 48 more words


Assignment 5 - Making it up

My girlfriend and I have been planning a year long, round-world trip, having secured career breaks from our respective employers. The trip is something we’ve talked about doing for many years. 2,305 more words

Roland Barthes


The best part of us is not what we see, it’s what we feel. We are what we feel. We are not what we look at… We’re not our eyeballs, we’re our mind. 1,727 more words