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On seeing rain, Prophet  ﷺ would say:

Allahumma sayyiban nafi’an.

-O’Allah! (We beg You to) Make it abundant and useful.


After Rainfall , Prophet would say:

Mutirna bi-fadhlillahi wa rahmatihi.

It has rained by the bounty of Allah and His mercy.


If Prophet  ﷺ feared harm might be caused by rain, he said:

Allahumma hawalayna wa la ‘alayna. Allahumma ‘alal-‘akami waz-zirabi wa butunil-‘awdiyati-shajari.

O’ Allah! Make it fall around  us and not upon us. 21 more words


When Prophet  ﷺ saw a cloud formation  in the horizon of the sky, he left work, even if he was (in preparation for) prayer, and then he would say: 35 more words


Allahumma-masqina ghaythan mughithan, mari’an, mari’an, nafi’an ghayra dharrin, ajilan ghayra ‘ajilin.

O’Allah! Shower upon us abundant rain, healthy for us, abounding in herbage, beneficial not harmful (not destructive of pasture etc.), swiftly and not delayed.


Whenever Prophet ﷺ prayed for rain, he lifted up his hands and said:

Allahumma ‘aghithna, Allahumma ‘aghithna, Allahumma ‘aghithna.

O’Allah! Send us rain, send us rain, send us rain.


Allahum-masqi ‘ibadaka, wa baha;imaka, wanshur rahmataka, wa ‘ahyi baladakal-mayyita.

-O’Allah! Give water to Your slaves, and Your livestock, and spread Your mercy, and Your dead land.