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MAMA PURITY Makes Awesome Arrangements!

MAMA PURITY (Youtube and Soundcloud) makes really great music remixes base off of Touhou Project and some other anime. He/she makes them sound awesome, like really wonderful! 63 more words

KandyGem #9: 20 Straight F🙊 Hours (explicit content)

Alright guys this will be a long one ’cause my weekend was a long one… It all started on Friday. Well actually it started on Wednesday. 4,125 more words


KandyGem #7: The After Rave Party (explicit content)

This is the continuation of Friday’s events KandyGem #6: My First Outdoor Rave.

Let’s recap. We talked about the Pregame at my house. We went through the tailgate in the parking lot. 2,581 more words


the blueprint for (heavy metal) success (and subsequent abject failure)

there is an interesting career arc in heavy metal that a lot of the biggest metal bands share. i think every metal head is already intuitively aware of this but it occurred to me while listening to… 705 more words

Day 24: A cover song

A cover song that I absolutely love is the collaboration between a cappella group Pentatonix and dub-step violinist Lindsey Stirling. The two powerhouses of the music side of Youtube teamed up to cover Imagine Dragon’s ‘ 35 more words

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