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Dubai Days, Dubai Daze

We’re back from a little jaunt to the Sandpit (Dubai). I’m still in a bit of a daze from the exhausting heat, the dizziness induced by looking up at all those glittering skyscrapers and the headiness of looking down at the ground from our birds-eye accommodation. 713 more words


That Time I Went To Dubai Part 2 - The Dubai Mall

The more I try to describe the Dubai Mall, the more I realise I’ll never be able to. How can you accurately describe something so breathtakingly incredible, and still do it justice? 355 more words

World Attractions

The World in a Mall

If you thought shopping malls meant a vertical and horizontal congregation of shops along with a food-court and a Cineplex located within the same building complex, then be ready to be taken in for a complete surprise when you visit the Dubai Mall in Dubai. 575 more words


Dubai - January 2014

I started the year in the beautiful city of Dubai where I witnessed the world’s record for the longest fireworks show. I strolled through “the palm”(the famous island) beach and dined in the most delicious restaurants. 161 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Yellow

A colourful topic this week – see more on Sue’s website and see my selection below. 27 more words


A Journey into the Young and Old Dubai(s)

*We asked our friend Chelsea the other day if she would be interested in writing a guest post for us.  She is an amazing photographer and we are so happy that she chose to share her experiences and photos of her recent trip to Dubai.   1,274 more words

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