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Shopping mall tourism? The Dubai

I was in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates this past spring, and I must admit I was rather unmoved by what seems to be the national pastime, and a prime reason for visiting for many tourists – shopping. 250 more words


Dubai Day 2

We were quite late waking up and so headed for breakfast with only 30 mins left before they were due to stop serving. I was a complete piggy eating 6 pancakes with fruit…or at least I thought I was a piggy until Allistar beat me in that by having two waffles with maple syrup, strawberries, whipped cream with berries and because that wasn’t quite sweet enough he asked for icing sugar as well!! 208 more words


Rethinking UAE's ecological footprint

You do not need a course on environmental studies to make the assumption that Dubai has the one of the highest ecological footprint globally. The entire city is man-made. 1,001 more words


Dubai Days, Dubai Daze

We’re back from a little jaunt to the Sandpit (Dubai). I’m still in a bit of a daze from the exhausting heat, the dizziness induced by looking up at all those glittering skyscrapers and the headiness of looking down at the ground from our birds-eye accommodation. 713 more words


That Time I Went To Dubai Part 2 - The Dubai Mall

The more I try to describe the Dubai Mall, the more I realise I’ll never be able to. How can you accurately describe something so breathtakingly incredible, and still do it justice? 355 more words

World Attractions

The World in a Mall

If you thought shopping malls meant a vertical and horizontal congregation of shops along with a food-court and a Cineplex located within the same building complex, then be ready to be taken in for a complete surprise when you visit the Dubai Mall in Dubai. 575 more words