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Up Dubai Creek without a paddle

Dubai is not all skyscrapers, shopping malls and five star hotels. Dubai Creek allowed the city to develop in the first place, acting as the base for fishing and pearling industries and is the reason it became an important trading port. 950 more words

Middle East


After another all you can drink from Emirates, we arrived merry in Dubai! This is somewhere ive always wanted to go. We decided to split it up into two parts as Sams family were coming over for the second part. 1,004 more words

Dubai Escapades

Day 2: Saturday 26th September

The day we would officially start our exploration. The morning came so fast..I must have been so tired to even notice. 864 more words

A blast from the past in modern Dubai

Dubai, a city that amazes the traveler, a city that was transformed 250 more words

Photo Of The Week

Casa de Tapas: The Fiesta Brunch

Brunch in Dubai means lots of different things to lots of different people.

For some it’s all about the quality of the food, a sophisticated ambiance and a ‘money is no object’ price tag whilst for others it’s about oversized props,tequilla stations and dancing on tables. 516 more words


Dubai - In 24 Hours

Dubai is recognized for its ambition to be larger than life at anything they do, world’s tallest building, the world’s largest mall, luxury hotels or indoor ski slope is few to be named. 540 more words



Boncie is supposed to pick me up from this massive airport quite early, but she did mention she would probably oversleep. I tried ringing her back at the equally impressive Hamad airport in Doha but it was past midnight, and Face-timing her while hurrying to my departure gate is quite difficult to do. 2,104 more words

Where In The World Is Miles