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Money and the metric system

Above, you will see pictured my handy dandy little chart, which tells me exactly how many U.S. dollars I’m spending when I spend my money, and how many degrees it is when someone tells me that it’s 45 degrees out (which is often is, by the way). 755 more words

Oh, Mauritius!

Recently, I was lucky enough to have a 28-hour layover in beautiful Mauritius! I’d heard great things about the island from other crew, so I was very excited to arrive and see it for myself! 238 more words


Totora Cebicheria Peruana

Living in Dubai all these years I have learnt that this place has it all. Frankly being a foodie has given me opportunity to explore all types of cuisines and this time went on to try authentic Peruvian dishes. 578 more words


Weekly Spa Date

It’s important we take out time at the end of the week and pamper ourselves a little. It doesn’t happen at expensive spas only, we can all arrange a little something in our homes and come out feeling beautiful and radiant. 222 more words


Ingredients for the best cocktail reception

You will find in this Sweet! post some idea of mini pastries for pass around nibbles, suitable for a cocktail reception or an extravagant coffee break… I try and play with shape and colour to  426 more words


تم اور میں

 سورج مجھ پر چمک رہا ہے

ستارے تم پر دمک رہے ہيں

اک روشن صبح

اک بجھی ہوئی رات

تم اک خوش باش انساں

میں اک اداس شخص



Words have meanings, but those meanings can change over time. Overused words especially, like love, hate, God, and like. Phrases which are overused become memes or lazy shortcuts or verbose filler between uh and ah. 436 more words