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20 hours in Dubai

Emirates was the cheapest airline I saw when I looked into flights from Thailand to D.C., so I thought hey I’ve never been to Dubai so why not take a long layover? 1,133 more words

Camel Ride

Al Bastakiya, Dubai

Dubai is mostly famous for its unique buildings and it is one of the riches cities in the world. Similar to most places, Dubai started out as a small 17th century fishing village and one of its last remnants is the little Al Bastakiya quarter located at the banks of the Dubai Creek. 799 more words


British woman jailed 'for having consensual sex with man in Dubai'

A British woman and Pakistani man have been jailed for having consensual sex in the United Arab Emirates.

The pair met on Facebook and were in contact for three years before she flew to the UAE to stay with him for a week in 2016. 321 more words


My birthday in Dubai

So earlier this week was my 21st birthday, YAY! Seeing as it was a big one this year I decided to take my best friend and I on holiday to Dubai. 711 more words


Dinner at Max's Restaurant

So I was invited to a food tasting at Max’s Restaurant in Al Ghurair Centre, I was really excited when I received the invitation cause I’ve been a fan of this restaurant since I was a kid cause me and my family used to dine here a lot especially when there are special occasions, and now here I am, all grown up  and will be doing a review for them which I didn’t really expect. 306 more words


Learning Curve

We HR people like to talk about THE LEARNING CURVE :-)

What we mean is, how fast can you swim in cold water to make sure you keep warm ? 226 more words

Mini Pancakes - Holland House 

The Mini Nutella Pancakes were going viral on various micro blogging sites and I-JUST-HAD-TO-HAVE-IT. I couldn’t wait to get back to Dubai and have my hands on ’em.   230 more words