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Breakaway Adventure

Its 4:43am, being awake for about 17hours is definitely the one. Trying to sleep on a ferry floor does nothing for the back or the constant cough and cold that is cursing the body, however the travelling experience is nice and exciting. 199 more words


One Week, Two Trips

This week has been my busiest week yet: in the span of just seven days, I took trips to both Amsterdam and Berlin! I’m taking advantage of not having to go to my internship anymore and traveling around Europe a little bit… with the time that I have left. 535 more words


Night Out - Mountjoy

Today in Dublin we helped a friend eat his cake.


Show Up

It just may get you to Ireland… or possibly out of a speeding ticket.

The judge’s black robes seemed darker standing not 10 feet away. Maybe it was his shiny gavel, or his beleaguered facial expression, but I felt like the rest of my life was in his hands. 1,250 more words

Abu Dhabi

Skulduggery Pleasant

Written by the Irish author Derek Landy, Skulduggery Pleasant is a book for anyone who likes magic, hidden worlds, Dublin, Ireland, skeletons or even old cars, and a book for anyone who doesn’t as well. 137 more words


Wrapping Up

8 1/2 days. That’s all I have left here in Ireland. I can’t believe how incredibly fast this whole experience went. I knew 8 weeks wasn’t a long time, but the amount of things I’ve been able to see and do, and the people I’ve met in just the past 7 weeks has been mind blowing. 533 more words