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Libras are commonly known for their balance and sense of equity as well as their appreciation of harmony and beauty.


This work of art reflects life in Ireland at the turn of the last century, and by rejecting euphemism, reveals to the Irish their unromantic reality. 99 more words


Dubliners by James Joyce: The Boarding House

In this next short story in Dubliners, a woman, Mrs. Mooney, separates from her husband, the butcher. She has a son and daughter, Jack and Polly. 266 more words


A Study Guide; James Joyce, Dubliners

Next week, we’re studying Dubliners at university, and so this post is going to be a bit different. This is my first of what will hopefully be many study guides. 2,256 more words


Dubliners by James Joyce: Two Gallants

‘Two Gallants’, the next short story in Dubliners, narrates the story of two men, one of whom seeks to obtain money from a prostitute acquaintance. 389 more words



“But real adventures, I reflected, do not happen to people who remain at home…”

–James Joyce, “An Encounter,” Dubliners


Music and craic

A song by the Dubliners.

Listen here THE MERO

Download the worksheet The Mero worksheet

Seminar, 25 September 2015 - 'Aeolus' 432-457

On the 25th of September and in accordance with tradition, the seminar rose like a great man after slumber and started up all over again, examining lines 432 to 457 of episode 7, ‘Aeolus’. 862 more words

Seminar Report