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Dubliners by James Joyce: Grace

James Joyce finishes his penultimate story of his Dubliners with a homiletic speech by Father Purdon:

…Jesus Christ was not a hard task master. He understood out little failings, understood the weaknesses of our poor fallen nature, understood the temptations of this life.

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Dubliners by James Joyce: A Mother

Mrs. Kearney strikes a deal in this next short story in James Joyce’s Dubliners. She agrees to a contract with Mr. Holohan, agreeing for her daughter to play as an accompanist in a concert for a sum of money. 341 more words


Dubliners by James Joyce: Ivy Day in the Committee Room

This next short story in James Joyce’s Dubliners inhabits the most political setting of all the short stories so far. The story is in the background of an election–the main characters are canvassers. 265 more words


Reverse-Reading: Beautiful, Fierce, Unkempt

There are lots of ways to read Joyce.

Here’s one: Start by reading Finnegans Wake, and when that’s done, read Ulysses, then A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man… 3,793 more words

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Dubliners by James Joyce: A Painful Case

In this next short story, we meet Mr. James Duffy who enters into a relationship with a married woman, Mrs. Sinico. Duffy works in a bank, but seems to write; he is a true melancholic poet. 291 more words


The Dubliners

Ik ga zelden een tweede keer naar een optreden van een artiest of een groep. Ik heb dan al snel last van een deja Vu gevoel. 89 more words


James Joyce Short Stories Analysis: Jesse Haynes

Short stories obviously lack the word count of novels, so in order to make the strong impacts they deliver, they rely on other elements much more heavily than longer works. 436 more words