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Dubliners by James Joyce: An Encounter

My voice had an accent of forced bravery in it and I was ashamed of my paltry stratagem. I had to call the name again before Mahony saw me and hallooed in answer.

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Dubliners by James Joyce: The Sisters

He had often said to me: I am not long for this world, and I had thought his words idle. Now I knew they were true.

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"The Sisters" -- James Joyce

“The Sisters”


James Joyce

THERE was no hope for him this time: it was the third stroke. Night after night I had passed the house (it was vacation time) and studied the lighted square of window: and night after night I had found it lighted in the same way, faintly and evenly. 3,096 more words


'A Painful Case' from 'Dubliners' - James Joyce (번역)

A Painful Case

Mr. James Duffy는Chapelizod에 살았는데 그가 시민이었던 도시에서 가능한 떨어져 살기를 바랬기 때문이고 또한 그가 다른 더블린의 교외촌들은 못됐고 현대적이며 가식적임을 발견했기 때문이다. 115 more words

A Painful Case

Thoughts Dubliners Dover Thrift Editions

So there you go, you have a choice of ferries across the channel, but I’d say forget Calais, look at ferries from dover to Dunkerque by Norfolkline. 315 more words


I prepared for my holiday in Dublin a few weeks ago by re-reading James Joyce’s Dubliners. I had read it first when I was only about seventeen and remember being less engaged by it than I thought I should be. 885 more words


Dubliners, the city and its people

The Dubliners brings life to the Dublin city and its people. Joyce’s love for Dublin is obvious in his book, as well as his homesickness. He treats Dublin as a character all of its own, some people even argue that the city is the main character in the book. 597 more words