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First Lines Friday: 3rd July

The concept behind First Lines Fridays is to take risks with reading, and not judge a book by its cover.  Have you ever picked up a book and been drawn in from that very first line?   283 more words


Dramatic adaptations of James Joyce's 'Dubliners' in 1960s Belfast

Scholars of James Joyce (one of which I am assuredly not) may be interested in a chance discovery in the archival collections of the National University of Ireland Galway. 296 more words


Book Review: Dubliners by James Joyce

“In the particular is contained the universal” says James Joyce, who, by attempting to unveil the secrets pervading those who roam the streets of Dublin, hopes to arrive at a truth which lingers within all of our hearts.  659 more words


'The Dead' by James Joyce

The Dead by James Joyce, 1914

The magic trick:

Balancing a richness of detail with a more hands-off thematic approach

Congratulations, we have made it through our three-week run of… 444 more words


'Grace' by James Joyce

Grace by James Joyce, 1914

The magic trick:

The opening action-packed scene

Here we have Joyce’s full-on attack on Catholicism. Where the rest of Dubliners chips away here and there, “Grace” is a complete and total assault on what the author perceives to be the ignorance and hypocrisy of the religious among him. 181 more words


'A Mother' by James Joyce

A Mother by James Joyce, 1914

The magic trick:

Presenting an entirely negative story

There is no one to like in this story. Not a one. 346 more words


'A Painful Case' by James Joyce

A Painful Case by James Joyce, 1914

The magic trick:

Model efficiency of characterization

Essentially, Joyce gives us a complete life story told in some 3,592 words. 369 more words