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Book Review: James Joyce

Just finished reading Dubliners! What a fantastic collection of short stories. They give great insight on Irish life at the beginning of the 20th century. I must admit there were many words used in the book that I didn’t quite understand, which made me like the writing all the more because of it’s frankness. 274 more words


Examining Joyce's Dubliners, In Preparation For Ulysses

Okay, let’s get back at this, shall we? My apologies, to those who have been keeping up with the blog (hi Mom!), for my delay in posting fresh material. 2,254 more words

Infinite Jest

Blog #6. Joyce. Due Sunday, March 29.


For our final Joyce blog, please address the following topic:

As we’ve discussed at length, Joyce rehearses in Dubliners the myriad ways the individuals of his nation—indeed, the culture at large—is mired in a state of “paralysis”—a physical, emotional, and spiritual “stasis” which takes many forms. 44 more words

He Lived at a Little Distance from His Body

“He lived at a little distance from his body, regarding his own acts with doubtful side-glasses.”
James Joyce, “A Painful Case,” Dubliners


Together Again

Luke Kelly and Ronnie Drew are having a pint… in the hereafter.  No two singers better embody the spirit of Irish music than the founding members of the Dubliners.  121 more words


Blog #5. Joyce. Due Saturday, March 21.


Two related questions for this week’s blog:

First: By the story’s end, we hear that the snow is falling all over Ireland, on both the living and the dead. 36 more words