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WOD 2.24.15


12min amrap
15 cal airdyn
25 dubs
30 s2o #45

4 rounds even


So Fancy hehe

To bright up your day, here I am. :D With a cool and funny video remix of Obama “singing” Fancy from Iggy Azalea. Enjoy!

I personally like Obama, he has relaxed and “close-to-people” attitude I love. 20 more words


WOD 2.23.15

No warmup…just light stretching…

100 Cal AirDyn
100 Cal Row
100 Dubs

First wod after being hurt for the last few weeks. Just left the chiro before I came to the gym for this. 62 more words



So how many of you guys are musicians praying that your hearing won’t give out by the time you’re done touring?               As a musician, I have a tip for ya’ll. 96 more words


Product Review: DUBS Acoustic Filters

Picture the scene:

You’re at a concert, floor seats, and you get stuck standing next to the speaker. You brought along some earplugs for this exact situation, but are hesitant to actually use them because you know they’ll muffle the sound. 681 more words


Battle of Will(s)

Dear Future Fern,

One day, when your children are grown and the days of diapers and Desitin are behind you, you may find it difficult to remember what it was like being 18-months pregnant with twins while raising a 17-month-old toddler who is experiencing early-onset Terrible Twos Disorder. 452 more words