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Leaked News: ID-0's Dub on Netflix Japan & Madman's Upcoming Theatrical Releases

I kinda wanted to do something like this on this blog for awhile so indulge me as I lay down some cool and leaked stuff. 873 more words


100 Days of Anime: Day 49

Subs, or Dubs? That is the question. Welcome back everyone to Day 49 of the 100 Day Anime Challenge, where we have a great question for us today. 302 more words


My Subs vs Dubs Opinion (In RVRS TOO)

As anime fans, we’ve always known the sub vs dub argument, right? I mean, it’s nearly impossible to avoid it. On every corner of the internet, there is always going to be some argument about how some people prefer the purity of sub anime (which doesn’t make any sense, considering that the subtitles are modified from the original Japanese version to fit our culture) or they don’t want to read what they are watching (which is another dumb argument, because you can get used to watching subtitles pretty quickly after a while). 978 more words

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Slime and Now Teach

If you have kids over the age 9 who are NOT obsessed with slime, I’d like to know about it. For the past few months, I’ve learned enough about slime-making (and OH, THE INHERENT CHALLENGES) to last several lifetimes. 531 more words

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Why I don't watch dubs anymore...

I’ve always prefered watching anime dubbed in English, over subbed, but as I began catching up with newer and newer releases, dubs for the shows I was watching eventually became harder and harder to find (although they have dubs now, Maid Sama and Skip Beat! 505 more words


Allison Rose in The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Dub

I play Aunt May in the first of a series of dubs for the original Amazing Spider-Man comic books!

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Saiyuki Reload Blast Episode 4 Review (Plus Dub Update)

This week’s episode is a flashback to when Sanzo, Gojyo, and Hakkai were Konzen, Kenren, and Tenpou, gods living in Heaven. It specifically covers when everyone met 500 years ago. 467 more words