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Our second EP post comes from PREY, who recently made a return to the pony music scene. Secrets Of The Forest showcases 3 trap songs from PREY – get the full writeup after the break! 272 more words

Solo Post

We’re posting two EPs this evening: the first of these is from Einarx, who managed to get some time off from their military duties to make a song for  474 more words


G.T.A Free Show at FIU Miami

The time has come for this amazing surprise! As a student at Florida International University, it was only right to write this short article on G.T.A since I am not only a fan but totally obsessed with the fact they are playing this show for FREE (Only if you’re a Golden Panther though).  360 more words


[P@D] Thrasher & Night Crow - Beneath Clouds / Foozogz & Sights Unseen - Out Of The Forest | Hardcore

Combining hardcore, trance, metal, and dubstep all into one song, Thrasher and Night Crow bring us the epic Beneath Clouds. If you’re familiar with Celldweller, imagine that but by pony musicians and you’ve got this song here (more or less ;D). 60 more words

Solo Post

Taking a little pause from the Ponies At Dawn posts to bring you the long-anticipated remix EP of Penumbra by Neon & Xavi. This EP features 8 different remixes, many of which we’ve already posted, but for those of your who haven’t seen them, here’s a chance to check them all out in full! 404 more words