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Future Music 40

This show starts off with a bit of a dubstep vibe, before delving into the more abstract, techno and occasionally dark side of things. Features some excellent sampling of Deckard Cain from the game Diablo, which always wins points with me.



I have eclectic taste in music that never fails to show itself when I’m running sound at the church I attend. I’m always looking for something different to grab people’s attention and prepare them for praise before the worship team takes over. 366 more words


AUDIO: King Fantastic - "Expats"

Ever since I was introduced to King Fantastic’s music, shortly after their “Finger Snaps and Gun Claps” album dropped, I’ve been eager for more and more music from Troublemaker and Killer Reese One. 85 more words


Daniel Ingram - The Pony I Want to Be (Brilliant Venture's 25th Bash Mix) (Bootleg) | Dubstep

Banger incoming!! This amazing remix of The Pony I Want To Be from Brilliant Venture has an interesting backstory and has resulted in a hard-hitting, badapple, utterly sick track reflecting well the sassy “dark” side we could see in Diamond Tiara, with a stunning flow and very cool melodies complemented by an awesome sound design, and overall the Dubstep remix works so well for the concept it went for. 107 more words

Solo Post

The Space Slam

So like…if you were a disco astronaut, spinning through space…and then the stars turned into lasers and tried to twinkle you away.  Accurate?

Press play, close your eyes and hop on this ride.   8 more words


Gemmy - Bamboozled

I recently played just after Buggsy here in Bristol and had just enough time to ask his DJ – Gemmy, if there was any of his own material forthcoming. 60 more words