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Whiskey, burger...Dubuque--

POW!  We’re sippin’ on whiskey at The Lift on Main Street in Dubuque, Iowa, and it is quite delightful. . .the perfect way to wash down our favorite burger–so far–in the Midwest of the U.S. 185 more words


Dubuque is ALIVE--

BAM!  The sun is shinin’…spring is a-poppin’…and we are soakin’ up the good vibes here in Dubuque, Iowa–jaaaa!

The local brew, Duber, is flowing nicely, which makes us veddy happy because this gives us fuel to take in a few important sights here: old photos on the wall of a welcoming Italian joint…so many folks have lived so many lives that no one knows a damn thing about anymore, but we have nothing but gratitude toward these people who helped build this interesting little town…Dottie’s Cafe is still serving breakfast in a crisp corner building on Central Avenue and 5th Street even though Dottie passed away many moons ago–mmm, aaahh!…and the Hotel Julien is still rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ long after Al Capone used to cool his heels here whenever things got too ‘hot’ for him back in Chicago–what a grand ol’ building, yes-indeedy-deeee! 82 more words


Verena Street's Cow Tipper, A Delicious Flavored Coffee

This is a great flavored coffee with a brilliant aroma and a wonderful taste. As the box says: vanilla, caramel, and coffee liqueur are the flavors and this coffee features all of them clearly. 49 more words


Town of Hills

Walking anywhere

means going up or down hill.

Not a town for bikes.

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Gloomy Morning in Dubuque

It was a cloudy, foggy and all-around gloomy morning in Dubuque, Iowa, when I arrived at the former Illinois Central station to board the Chicago-bound… 308 more words


Trashy Tuesday

Tuesday is trash day.

All of the papers and cans

go out on the street.

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