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Recycling broken skateboard decks into instruments

The Skate Guitar project is the brainchild of three friends from Argentina who transform beat up skateboard decks into one-of-a-kind guitars, promoting their combined passions of recycling, rock ‘n’ roll and skateboarding.

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LUBRICATED GOAT - The Last Stand Live At CBGB -

Lubricated Goat live at CBGB featuring Natz from Cop Shoot Cop on bass.

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7 yr old Sky's first bowl competition!

Check out 7 yr old Sky entering her first skateboard competition!

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Arch Allies - The Tribute Band You Deserve

If you’re a native Dubuquer, or live in the midwest and like classic rock; chances are you’ve heard of Arch Allies and almost certainly have seen them perform at bars, casinos, music halls, etc. 360 more words