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Saturday ~ March 25, 2017

Happy Saturday and Happy Birthday to one of my favorite grand-daughter, Gabby!!

I did a few thing around the house yesterday and then was lucky enough to meet Angie at a restaurant for a long lunch.  127 more words

Daily Posts

Dubuque Officer Saves 7-Year-Old From Burning Home

DUBUQUE, Iowa  —  A Dubuque officer’s quick thinking saved a boy from a house fire earlier this week.

The 7-year-old had to leap from a second story window after all other exits were blocked by the flames. 219 more words


Blowing Out the Candles to Another Wonderful Year!

It seems like just yesterday that I was snapping photos of Sebastian’s first Birthday. Yet here we are, celebrating another joyous year of life for this handsome little man! 106 more words



Here’s a list of my top 30 songs that I jam to while knocking out a easy long run or recovery run. I don’t normally listen to music while I run. 23 more words

Social and Cultural Vibrancy Working Group Discussion + Mindmap Video

Social and Cultural Vibrancy Working Group
Carnegie Stout Library Auditorium
February 21st, 2017 | 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

The ‘Social and Cultural Vibrancy Working Group’ took place on February 21st at Carnegie Stout Library.  684 more words



Dark Chocolate

You’ve probably heard that dark chocolate can help keep you healthy thanks to its hefty dose of antioxidants. While the antioxidants may increase blood circulation, and tests in mice show one specific cocoa-derived antioxidant, epicatechin, triggered growth of new capillaries and mitochondria , allowing the critters to exercise longer before pooping out, tests in humans have been mixed. 123 more words


I normally wake up around 6am for an average training day and one of my favorite things to do is when I first get up is to run through my Twitter and Instagram accounts. 409 more words