DubWars is the Dubstep Twin-Stick Shmup You Never Knew You Wanted

As a musical genre, dubstep is pretty hit or miss with folks. I’m not the biggest fan in the world, but I do love bullethells and shmups. 791 more words

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Dubwars for Ouya android console

Hello everyone, ѕohere wе arе wіth probably the coolest rhythm game you will ever play. Nоw thiѕ is an OUYA exclusive title аt thе moment ѕо уou won’t find it on thе Googlе PlayStоreThis is fоr thoѕe of уоu with OUYA сonsoles оnlу but this іs DubWаrsаnd the іdеa іs yоu’re a ѕmаll ѕhiр basicallуtrapped wіthіn a computer system аnd the сomputer sуstеm іѕ trуіng to attack you. 564 more words

UVU students develop game for new OUYA console

UTAH VALLEY UNIVERSITY – A team of Utah Valley University students have developed a game for the new OUYA game console, and their game went live this week. 292 more words


'DubWars' game designers

Two of the minds behind the “DubWars” video game talk to Dan and Kerri about the inception of the game and how they got the attention of the gaming industry. 16 more words

Good Day Utah

Music Monday: DubWars: First Strike

The following video is not safe for work.  The following video is not for the faint of heart.  The following video is not for the puritans.  321 more words


DUBWARS TV - SpoCom USA Car Show

DUBWARS TV goes to the SpoCom USA car show, where exhibitors from Southern California and beyond show off aftermarket and tuner accessories. Dance competitions and lovelies included. 21 more words