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Should I sell the 916. Would you want to hire and find out what it is like to ride a Ducati 916bp?

I have owned the Ducati since 2006 and have many happy memories of the 916 bp. Trips to Italy and Mugello. The charity run to France La… 66 more words

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Is the intermitent misfire fixed? on the 916. 49,000 miles on the clock

The last time I went out on the Ducati 916 bp a couple of weeks ago. It was only a few miles down the road before it started to misfire and stutter. 487 more words

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Misfire cough and splutter. It could be tps, plugs, coil, crank sensor or is it Petrol? Ducati 916 bp

I guess you might be like me and some times guess what the problem is or have a hunch then go for that first. The Ducati 916 bp started to misfire. 437 more words

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After 2 years of careful restoration and around 3 years riding, Andre has sold his Ducati 916, so Andre and I took a last ride, stopping at Maraetai Beach and later a light country meal at Clevedon Showgrounds with our lovelies. 30 more words

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How much it costs to own and run a Ferrari or How much it costs to run a Ducati 916 bp for a year

I read a interesting article on how much it costs to run a Ferrari. Doug DeMuro bought a Ferrari 360 in America and used it for a year, adding five thousand miles. 1,153 more words

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Addio Massimo Tamburini

I guess you could say that this is an obituary of sorts. I would like to think of it more as a remembrance; a tribute to Massimo Tamburini, the man who gave the world more than just motorcycles. 670 more words


20th anniversary of the 916 :')

Twenty years ago, in 1994, a very special motorcycle made its debut, the Ducati 916. It was designed by Massimo Tamburini, Sergio Robbiano and his team at the Cagiva Research Centre. 59 more words