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The Cubed Circle

Intersections of Cubism and Professional Wrestling

Francis Picabia, Catch as Catch Can, 1913

What do professional
wrestling, ballet, and Cubism have in common? 1,617 more words


A Rrose is a Rrose is a Rrose...

Between 1921-1923 Man Ray photographed fellow Surrealist Duchamp as his alter-ego Rrose Sélavy. The name is most likely a French pun ‘Rose,’ resembling eros (or romantic love); Sélavy resembling “c’est la vie” (that’s how life is). 419 more words


Art Destruction

My father wanted me to write about art destruction and how
people have destroyed art accidentally or for, let’s face it, sadistic pleasure.
What he has yet to realise is that in the “art world” destroying art is also an… 349 more words

Art & Architecture


In Exercise 2 we are asked to look back over holiday photos and to try to remember your motivation for taking them.  I have so many that I have taken and so many that mean a lot to me for various reasons.  2,174 more words

Part 4 - Photography

The Gender Binary in Interwar Europe and America.

“All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players in it.” 

– As you like it, Act II, Scene VII.

 The 1920s -1930s across Europe and America was an era of great change in gender dynamics. 573 more words


So is Contemporary Art actually that confusing?

“I don’t like contemporary art, because I can’t understand it. What does the artist really want to express?” People often complain about contemporary art and its difficulty to be understood. 700 more words