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Objects as art

A topic that will no doubt continue to be a contentious and continuous issue. What makes a piece of art? Can anything be art, given the right context or direction? 642 more words


BAM BAM, CLICK-CLACK. Nude Descending a Staircase No-2 by Marcel Duchamp

BAM BAM BAM. CLICK-CLACK. CLICK-CLACK. The naked woman is coming down the stairs. BAM BAM. Her steps are loud. We can hear her from afar. She is light as a feather. 249 more words


超現實主義的時尚煽動者:改寫衣著思維的設計師 Elsa Schiaparelli

在二十世紀前半葉,Elsa Schiaparelli 以勇敢而創新的手法為女性的穿著打扮重新下了註解 —— 爬滿昆蟲的珠寶、小丑印花、甚至是將倒過來的高跟鞋直接當作頭飾,這些曠世創舉在當時仍然脫離不了保守風格的女性心裡掀起了漣漪,並不斷為雜誌媒體創造突破性的頭條,在 20 年代的背景下,甚至可以說讓 Coco Chanel 的經典服裝輪廓都有些相形見絀。 

而 Schiaparelli 這麼一個傳奇性設計師品牌,曾於 1954 年暫時歇業,直至 2007 年才由一位義大利企業家重新開啟營運,且於 2013 年聘用了設計師 Marco Zanini 以後開始繼續復甦品牌的許多細節,並且於隔年對外公開發表第一場服裝秀。


因此,一直到 Elsa Schiaparelli 過世後的 45 年以後,法國巴黎高級訂製服協會才於 Schiaparelli 品牌的 90 周年慶之年 (2017年1月4日),將她的品牌列為官方「高級時裝 (haute-couture) 」品牌。就讓我們在今年這一個別具意義的里程碑被豎起之時,一起回顧 Elsa Schiaparelli 改寫歷史的創意及創舉吧。 165 more words


How would you define the differences between design and art?

Duchamp’s Fountain (1917) 

Human psychology operates according to categories defined by labels. Once a different label is applied, should it not follow that there is a difference in substance? 256 more words


“Good artists copy, great artists steal." Not so fast.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

What does this maxim mean? Why do people like to repeat it now? Something smells fishy. People seem to think this is about taking shortcuts, but it’s nearly the antithesis.

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