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Doug Camilli: Paltrow reduced to scrounging food from friends

Attention poor Americans: when your food stamps run out, do like Gwyneth Paltrow: have dinner with David and Victoria Beckham.

Uncle Sam subsidizes food for the poor through the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” or SNAP (which everybody except bureaucrats still calls by its old name, food stamps). 448 more words




我是英國凱特王妃的粉絲,超喜歡留意她每次出席公眾場合的Style,除了收集她的服裝照片,甚至還會大街小巷、到國外或網站上,去找看有沒有類似的衣服或配件,畢竟每次凱特王妃的style呈現,都是她背後一群專業的Fashion Team努力出來的結晶啊!而這正是我們學習Fashion的寶貴資料呢!

凱特王妃穿著有一個重點,就是「款式簡單but with great cutting」,通常全身上下會以兩個色系為主,大衣或洋裝通常是單色系,有時會有格紋或毛呢的材質,而手拿包和鞋子往往是同色系;飾品則是以單顆鑲鑽的Stud earrings,或單顆鑲鑽、珍珠Drop earrings為主;讓我們來看一些Kate在正式場合的Style吧!

  • 外套:圓裙式的coat dress:她通常會選擇單色系的coat dress,西裝式的上衣剪裁,讓她在正式場合能大方得體,圓裙式的裙擺,能讓她看起來更有女人味和親和力,

Canada Red,Singpore black & white, 喬治王子cream

A字型的coat dress:New Zealand blue & Gray,NY 毛呢。 84 more words


Duchess Kate: ivory crepe skirt and peplum jacket by Alexander McQueen

Ivory, crepe full skirt and jacket with wave ruffle panel running front and back and up the closure of the jacket. The jacket has rounded padded shoulders and silk lining. 31 more words

Duchess Kate Fashion

Duchess Kate: Burgundy double breasted suit by Paule Ka

Burgundy wool suit consisting of a short double breasted jacket with a shawl collar, two patch pockets, a slanted breast pocket and peplum detailing at the waist and a ribbed skirt. 32 more words

Duchess Kate Fashion

Duchess Kate: Light pink peplum dress by Alexander McQueen

Light pink dress reworked for a figure-hugging silhouette with a peplum waistband, a plunging V-neck, three-quarter length sleeves and draped detailing. It is zipped at the back and is made of 90% wool, 10% cashmere. 26 more words

Duchess Kate Fashion

There is a new Duchess at Downton

Downton Abbey played host to one of their most distinguished guests to date.  No, it was not a Turkish Gentleman or any visitors from the turn of the century for that matter.   172 more words