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I Wanna Date a White Girl

*This is a satire. Don’t comment at me with your crazy. I have plenty of white friends.

I wanna date a white girl because she’s the stuff of legends. 400 more words


Friends, Followers and Vanity

Why the “Duck Face?” What IS that? The woman who wants to be a girl, the girl who wants to be a woman, both of them holding an iphone at arm’s length. 358 more words


Attack of the clones

I’ve been working a lot on social media at work and part of that has included looking into blogs and ways to create networks with influential people. 411 more words

Top Five Signs You Might be Dealing with a Douchebag

Being a douchebag never goes completely out of style, but the indicators are subject to the fickle finger of fashion.

Maybe I notice more now that I’ve turned into Walt Kowalski. 919 more words

Why You Crying?

7 Things You Can Do When Getting Your Picture Taken And What They Mean

If you do anything of even the slightest significance in our society, a photo must be taken. There is no reason for this. Taking photos just gives people meaning for a few seconds and let’s them feel like their life is worth living: “I’m going to appreciate this day FOREVER!” No, you’re not, because you’ve taken 34,000 photos in your lifetime and everything has become compressed and you can’t separate one beach vacation from the other. 540 more words


Tinder or as I call it: The Russian Roulette of Dating

My sister told me about this app that you like or don’t like someone and if you both like one another then boom you have the opportunity to connect otherwise it is a missed connection. 235 more words