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Get Your Ducks in a Row

There are many references to ducks in the English language. We love ducks here! I don’t really know why. They quack loudly and can even bite if you get too close. 205 more words


See What Your Selfie Pose Says About You!

You might think it’s just a photo – but psychologists say that the way we take a selfie can reveal a lot about our personality. Even your selfie pose influences what others may think about you too! 122 more words


炯叔叔潮吹英語之「你條Dxxx Face!」

前幾天炯太太把Ally一些生活照sent給我看。炯叔叔看後口裡不禁叫了一聲”Holy Moly….”



呢D自拍表情打開Facebook,打開WeChat朋友圈,打開Instagram, 你會發現總有幾個係咗近,不管男女老幼,齊齊裝萌Kawaii。



嘟嘴/扁嘴 – Duck Face


金魚嘴 – Fish Face


O嘴 – Sexdolling face

脷 –  14 more words


One Man's Bullet Wounds are Another Man's Selfie Opportunity

Last week, there was a gang-related shooting in Portland. This occurred in a part of town that has undergone some serious gentrification in the past two decades. 430 more words

Daily Life

Duck Face

You’re a chip off the old block
That much is very true
The best bits, of course, are me
And the bad? That’s down to you! 54 more words