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Ephwurd - Duckface feat. DKAY (Available August 24)


After his massive hit with Jauz ‘Rock The Party’, Ephwurd is back with their first solo release ‘Duckface’ featuring DKAY! Available August 24 on SPRS.


Selfie Throwback

Facebook is pretty cool if you ask me. I know it’s not “in” anymore, and all the young, cool chickens have moved onto Twitter and Instagram… but y’all I’m still a Facebook kid. 352 more words

Ruthie's Random Reflections

Sunday Scenes: August 16, 2015

I joined The Friends of the Library! I love that organization, and enjoy the volunteering at book sales, and helping out any way I can. I have always joined this particular group, in any local library where I have lived. 49 more words

Lorri's Blog

The Dean's List: 5 Things Women Do To Be Sexy That Guys Do NOT Find Sexy

What is sexy anyway? It’s a question that’s been asked through the ages, I’m sure. But nowadays the lines between sexy and NOT sexy seem to be a bit blurred or perhaps just undefined. 488 more words


Get Your Ducks in a Row

There are many references to ducks in the English language. We love ducks here! I don’t really know why. They quack loudly and can even bite if you get too close. 205 more words


See What Your Selfie Pose Says About You!

You might think it’s just a photo – but psychologists say that the way we take a selfie can reveal a lot about our personality. Even your selfie pose influences what others may think about you too! 122 more words