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Duck lips?

Ah, my darling 17 yo.

So there’s a new challenge going around, it’s the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” … apparently, you have to take a shot glass (or something similar) and create a suction with your lips in it to get full, pouty lips. 108 more words

Duck Lips

Stop it with the duck lips and selfies. Please.

Most of my blog traffic comes from links people click on via social media… so let’s talk about what you’re posting for a minute.

1.) Get a life. 417 more words

My Thoughts


Just to update you guys on my love life, since you’re all dying to know.  I’ve joined Match.com. After 3 weeks of being on the site, I’m ready to give up on the male species altogether. 321 more words

Take those Psycho-Selfies, Y'all!

After reading, Selfies Linked to Psychopathic Traits, I am just not sure how I feel. I mean, you can’t really knock results that are tried and true. 488 more words

PRCA 3334

Selfie Thoughts

Some people love taking selfies. Some people take them reluctantly, and then there are people like me. Others can selfie themselves to their heart’s content, but personally I loathe self-snaps of myself (who else would a selfie be of?). 210 more words


Day 2: Catchlights

P3 was doing too much moving and wanted P2 to pick her up.  Not sure if I nailed it but Love the picture. :)

My girls love playing under P2’s bunk bed. 24 more words


Five things you MUST know about lip injections or "How to avoid the Duck Lip Dilemma"

Check out my new You Tube video below, basically a recap of my consistently number one post, “Is it possible to have fuller lips without coming out looking like a duck?” (02/02/2012) 8 more words

Lipo Queen