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Tao Tao House - Hawthorn - Sunday 16 November 2014 - Yum Cha

Is it just me, or is yum cha the most intimidating form of dining? For a polite diner, it often feels like asking the person on the trolley to repeat themselves is a faux pas. 736 more words

Homeward Bound: Welcome Inn, Hornchurch, Essex

I always find Chinese restaurants, well, a little awkward. If you pile in with a group, I always end up feeling hesitant about how much food I take, and sometimes choosing the dishes can be a nightmare, with the on-going argument of which is really better – opting for a set menu, or selecting lots of different dishes? 1,890 more words

Last Suppers

While the catagory 1 cyclone Ita was not a threat to our existence we do like to treat ourselves when we go through them. This one was just a bit windy and very wet but it still warranted these… 51 more words

Food Ninja

When you have leftover duck breast ... make pancakes

I made a tasty udon noodle soup the other day with a crispy, Asian-marinated duck breast. I had plenty of meat leftover, so I punched my baking-phobia in the gut and made some Szechuan peppercorn and scallion pancakes to wrap around my duck breast. 19 more words


Szechuan Peppercorn Pancakes with Scallions and Roast Duck Breast

Remember that one time when I made Duck and Mushroom Udon and I may have blathered on Facebook about looking forward to the leftover duck being wrapped warmly in a scallion pancake? 721 more words