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I found some duck weed on eBay,nothing else on the market,not to mention the local one.

The prices of the water lilies were out of my reach,just the shipping from UK costing like £38… 96 more words


Camo Pants

I wear camo pants all the time; right now, for example. It’s not that I want to be invisible from the waist down so much, but it has to do with the pockets more than anything. 44 more words


Dealing with rampaging duckweed

Google “how to with deal duckweed” and the search produces answers from around the world, as pond owners from Florida to Australia and from Cornwall to Cumberland struggle to contain the green monster. 738 more words


Dealing with rampaging duckweed

Last year we had virtually no duckweed, but this year’s warm weather has encouraged it to grow at a ferocious rate so that after a 10 day absence we returned to find a bright green pond with no water visible beneath the smooth carpet of weed. 20 more words

Rise Up!

Well, it doesn’t seem like a year since the car was serviced but as usual, time has flown by. I don’t know about you but I always feel better for the car after it’s been serviced, like it has sensitive feelings and its breathing a sigh of relief! 521 more words

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