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Birds 38: Duck Breast (鴨脯)

Use the breast from a fat duck and chop it into large square pieces. Simmer it in half a jin of wine, one cup of autumn sauce, bamboo shoots, shitake, and chopped green onions. 57 more words


August 27th 2016 - New Zealand Day 7

Today I woke up at 7:30am. For breakfast I made an egg skillet with a bunch of vegetables, served with coffee.

Today was a slow lazy drive down to Rotorua. 564 more words


Tryers, liars and faces

So its taken me a while to post again guys and I apologise again for that. Whilst there is a lot of daily entertainment in the pub it does not always translate readily into a blog post but there is always something. 672 more words

Oops! I did it again.

My apologies, I said I’d update and then I didn’t. But, no worries I’m on my way to not being a train wreck.

As for the art, here is one of the assignments I did as part of my AP Studio class in school. 27 more words


Fizzy Flip for Luonnotar the Water Mother

Today is the feast day of Luonnotar or Ilmatar the Finnish creator-goddess, who inspired the tone-poem by Sibelius.

 According to Finnish legend, in the beginning, there was only the Goddess Luonnotar. 363 more words


A Cock-Fight


On another hot day with a glorious cloudless blue sky, Jackie and I spent the morning shopping for birthday presents for Shelly and for Poppy. 394 more words