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Rose duck breast

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Rose duck breast

If you know how to prepare the perfect rose duck breast, you will have a beautiful and versatile ingredient to use in plenty of dishes, so this recipe could be the the… 525 more words


One Orange Foot

One Orange Foot © Lynn Wiles 2017
A duck found napping under a bridge, as seen from above.


Chinese-style Duck & Mushroom Curry

Some dishes don’t really exist in the cuisines of the countries we associate them with. Chicken tikka masala certainly doesn’t, nor does Chinese curry (at least not like this). 488 more words


Duck blood soup

Having eaten blood sausage before, I’m not afraid of any dish that contains blood. On a recent trip to Shanghai I took my friends for breakfast to one of the best soup dumpling restaurants in the country. 149 more words


Sybil's Weekend Wrap-Up: 09.25.17

If you listen to Fast in the Morning, you might already know the random situations we find ourselves in on a regular basis. Sometimes crazy, sometimes scary, sometimes embarrassing, and almost always fun. 1,010 more words


Daffy the Frogman... or Duckman?

OK, everyone.  I said I’d be focusing on a famous duck today, and here he is.

Did you know he was number 14 on TV Guide’s top 50 cartoon characters list? 211 more words