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Baby, you’re adorable!

After having the very upsetting experience of seeing a Lesser black-backed gull grab and devour, whole, a little coot chick earlier this week, I want to celebrate today the birds that have made it … so far. 222 more words


Superb 7 Now 5 Weeks Old!

Gosh it’s been 5 weeks already and they are all quacking away. They don’t like being handled too much so I decided not to bother them in regards to weighing. 297 more words


Little Black Duck

This little duckling was floating all by his lonesome down the Peace River today.  It swam strongly and seemed ok, but there was no sign of the rest of the family.  7 more words


69 – Duckling Carer Cat

Last weekend, my soul mate’s mother got 7 ducklings back from work, so I had the chance to see, stroke, hold and play with real cute tiny ducklings! 281 more words

1 Line Cat

The Ugly Duckling Company

I was having a conversation recently with Paul Griffiths, Charity Director of ‘The Ugly Duckling Company’. He was reminding me that most people in society know very little about God, but they do like several things. 355 more words