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Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Ugly duckling syndrome is a metaphor. A time where you start to build your own sense of style, develop your own personal habits and decide on many lifestyle choices through hobbies, socializing and experimentation with who and where you want to be. 506 more words


Animals are our teachers.

One lovely afternoon I was strolling by the fountain-pool in our municipal rose garden. It is often filled with ducks and their ducklings in spring. But on this day there was just one mama duck, with only one duckling. 237 more words

Predawn Musings

3 headed duckling (Sold out)

This 3 headed duckling taxidermy comes complete with a wooden base and glass display dome.

The duckling stands approximately 14cm high and the glass dome is 21cm tall with a 11cm wooden base. 59 more words


Ducklings on show

I love a day out in the park.

But I am not overly enthused about walking, unless it’s to find somewhere to picnic.

Once my tummy is fed, I am more agreeable to the virtues of exploration. 61 more words