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Met up with an old friend for a photoshoot yesterday; I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the brood of ducklings that we saw too!


We made it home, and so did our luggage, which is always good. I hadn’t wanted to waste time shopping while in Japan, so – don’t tell my family – but I did a sneaky online order of sake when we got home, to give to them when we see them. 819 more words


"The Three Ducketeers"

On April 12, 2017, we went and bought 2 adorable ducklings.

Their names are Daffy and Hopscotch. Daffy is the yellow duckling with a light brown face, and Hopscotch is the yellow and black duckling. 481 more words


First Duckling of 2018 - Random Happening(s) @ Farmette 1769

Newly-Hatched Duckling Today
Sunday, June 10, 2018

I finally invested in a second unit, which allows a much higher success rate for the hatching process. The second incubator is still air (no fan) and does not have an automatic egg turner. 252 more words

Farmette 1769

Cuteness in Nature

For this hot weekend, here are some cool images of cute creatures in nature that I saw at Colonial Lake a few weeks ago.

Have a great weekend! 7 more words


Cheaper by the Dozen

This Mallard had 12 ducklings following along it on a sunny morning near Colonial Lake..

I have more photos, but uploading them to WordPress has been very iffy lately, so the above will have to do for this Mother’s Day.