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Summer Walk | Me & My Dog

Yesterday morning the sky looked like it would drop a rain or two and we thought we would have to stay at home. But it got better in the afternoon and the sun came out of the clouds. 145 more words


Twenty - Five Cool Duck Facts For Your Consideration

How many facts did you know about facts? Read on and enjoy these  some amazing facts about them:

  • Female ducks are often simply called ducks, but they can also be called hens.
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First day of the rest of my motherfucking life

Today as I sit here having been dumped by another guy who was unwilling to commit to me in a hotel in the middle of Dubai, it hits me. 189 more words

Not Such An Ugly Duckling

This little duckling and its mom was quite a sight to see as they came bobbing down the canal waters.

They had been ducking and diving (please excuse the pun) below the water looking for aquatic vegetation to feed on. 18 more words

Nature Photography

Young mallard

This little one was exploring the pond, paddling and zipping all around.  Now and then it made a quick dash across the water and made bubbles that seemed not much smaller than the duckling. 7 more words


Monday's Are Just Ducky

The ride to work was going splendidly on this Monday morning. The wind was at my back. The sun was shining. Puffy white clouds were floating aimlessly above. 349 more words