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sleepy, duck, cute animals, duckling, baby duck Gif For Fun

sleepy, duck, cute animals, duckling, baby duck Gif for Fun at your Time


Ohútkȟaŋ Origins No. 1047

The prospect of learning a new language may seem too much to undertake. One way to succeed at learning a new language is to relate unknown terms, phrases, and words to known terms, phrases, and words.

For example,

mahcica (mah-ghchee-chah) = duckling


Freight: Day 11

Weightless, freightless duckling! Would that life were this simple.

Poet Obscura

A picture a day : 36

A picture a day : 36

Today, as we were walking the dogs at Kye Bay, we found a sick duckling. After assessing it, we decided to pick it up, warm it up in a tube and we took it to MARS (Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society ) in Merville. 31 more words


Glossy magazines...

Yes, those are mine, all three of them and yes, they do have the same father, and no, none of us is blonde… NO I didn’t swap eggs (who does this anyway???) 562 more words


Can Tho

14 January 2002

Oh, was Ba Chuc grim. Just like at Cheong Ek (“The Killing Fields” in Phnom Penh) the skeletons of the dead people have been cleaned up and put in a glass-walled stupa, but at Ba Chuc there’s a tiny museum containing pictures of the bodies when they were found. 409 more words