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About a Duck

To understand why I decided to call this blog “Making Ducklings,” you kinda have to understand the thing about ducks and why they are significant to John and me. 347 more words


The beautiful TITLE

I gave thy beauty,
Ugliness interests none,
I gave thy light,
darkness you shun,
I gave thy lies,
truth seems no fun.

The ugly duckling waddled alone, 62 more words


If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck...

Surely you’ve done it: come home from the store and discovered you hadn’t bought what you’d thought you’d bought. Diet Coke instead of regular. The wrong kind of cream cheese. 386 more words

Living Overseas

10 Tweets About Ducks That Will Make You Laugh Right Now


Ducks aren't saying "quack", they're trying to say "duck". They're Pokémon or Pokémons or Digimons or whatever the fuck they're called.

— Mark Leggett (@markleggett) …

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Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Ugly duckling syndrome is a metaphor. A time where you start to build your own sense of style, develop your own personal habits and decide on many lifestyle choices through hobbies, socializing and experimentation with who and where you want to be. 506 more words


Animals are our teachers.

One lovely afternoon I was strolling by the fountain-pool in our municipal rose garden. It is often filled with ducks and their ducklings in spring. But on this day there was just one mama duck, with only one duckling. 237 more words

Predawn Musings