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Frankie's Food Factory | Glenhaven

When Frankie’s say “we take pride in being a family friendly venue”, they really mean it. With a fenced playground, duck feeding, great kids menu, high chairs, pram space and more, Frankie’s Food Factory welcomes little ones with open arms. 456 more words


Doofus Drake

Doofus was Huey, Dewey, and Louie‘s friend. Most of his episodes were like, look at this fat idiot Doofusing around while everybody else has cool adventures, but every now and then he’d do something amazing and give all of us dopey socially awkward kids hope that we, too, can get super-powers from a magic doughnut or learn to speak with dolphins by smooshing a balloon. 2.7/5


Where the Seals Roam: Reykjavik Zoo

Who’s first?

Don’t fight me

Grazing on the field

Snuggly piglets

Where the seals roam


Underwater olympics

Monster antlers

Food please

Quack quack!

Cuddly friends… 619 more words


Eclipse Mallard

Monday’s coast-to-coast solar eclipse reminds me of another eclipse from this year. This “eclipse” Mallard.

An “eclipse” duck is a drake that has molted from its breeding plumage. 130 more words

Beauty Lives

Every day I am reminded…

As I paddle along…

That no matter how much ugliness there might seem to be in our world…

Beauty, in all its many forms, 29 more words

Cape Cod Blog

Baby Muscovy Ducks!

Lake Ella is Muscovy Duck “Central” in Tallahassee; there’s 20-30 pairs of this non-native duck at the lake. Muscovy Ducks are native to Central and South America. 64 more words


Ooh Ahh and Admire

The title of the W.P. photo challenge this week is ‘ Ooh Shiny‘ and the question asked is “What is guaranteed to distract you? What is your “ 273 more words

Real Life