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Welcome to my (public) diary about my adventures in raising ducks! This has been in the works for a little while now and the ducklings are supposed to be born on May 4th and arrive here on May 6th as long as everything goes as planned. 262 more words

Log Time — Episode 13 | A Sea of Genres and Puns

This week we talk about how the characters in Tsuritama deal with anxiety and family issues through a variety of genre-changing scenarios.

Expect lots of bad puns. 34 more words


Photography--Birds of Bellingham

Since childhood when I rescued a sparrow, I developed a fondness for birds. I find them mysterious and they remind me of freedom or detaching from situations. 79 more words

Pacific NW Author

Studio Notebook: Reworking "Crossing The Line"

The afternoon I took this photograph was very gray and overcast.  But, if you remember, it was also a day I left work early, drove home to grab my camera, and set off to Hinckley Reservation.   86 more words

What a wonderful day

Today was May Day Eve and the weather was so fine! We went to my mothers and stayed outside for hours. 30 more words


18 days old

Harold and Daisy are now 18 days old, and are pretty much poop factories. They eat, poop, swim, sleep, and eat and poop even more. I can’t believe how quickly ducklings grow, it’s no wonder they eat do much! 37 more words